Netflix and other OTT platforms have released a variety of shows in the past few years. But only a few of them were able to entertain their viewers and make them happy.

Today we will be talking about the top Netflix shows which will make you happy. Let’s take a look at them.


Seis Manos stands for Six Hands and the show is about six brilliantly talented martial artists who embark on a journey to set things right for themselves. The first season of the show was released in 2019 and after that, there was no information on the second season of the show. It was an instant hit among the masses and the reason behind that was the show had a great animation style and a beautiful story.

Looking at the animation style made a lot of people happy and watching the show is going to make you happy as well, that is for sure. However, after watching the show, if you feel like watching the second season then you will be disappointed. Because The Next Hint has reported that Seis Manos Season 2 is not coming to Netflix anytime soon.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is considered to be one of the most iconic and loved shows of the last decade. It has been around for a long time and the reason why it has managed to put a smile on the faces of so many people with its hilarious gags and performances is that the entire crew of this show knows what is going to work and what will not work for the audiences. If you want to have a good time and be happy, then you must watch this show with your family.


Report of The Next Hint has confirmed that the shooting of Ozark Season 4 is underway and fans will soon get to see a teaser trailer for the same. Ozark is a surprisingly enticing wrongdoing drama with lots of elements of rush and mystery. The show is full of surprises and will never cease to amaze you. If you are stuck somewhere and it is cold there, then you should watch this show as this experience will support the atmosphere of the show.

It’s dull, grippy, and incredibly exciting to watch. That is why, it makes a perfect watch on a pleasant evening and you should not miss this opportunity to see it on an occasion when you happen to have more than one at any given time.


Dead to Me is another top Netflix show that has been streaming for a while now. The show is full of hilarious moments and it is going to make you laugh your lungs out. The brilliance with which this show is crafted is truly amazing and the reason why you should watch this show is that it has some really great acting performances and brilliant writing.


In the event that you’ve given some thought to who Archie is and the huge social marvel that his comic books have taken back in time to the past, you’ve sufficiently resolved why the show originally garnered such a huge reputation. There is a drawn-out course of events. The show tells the story of Archie and his companions who go to their old neighborhood to do some strange activities.

The show should be on the lookout for incredible acting by the lead cast and a dazzling storyline. It is our confirmation that you will never get tired of this show using any and all means.


If you have an affinity towards shows whose stories revolve around hospitals, but you could not find any of them which were light in tone then Medical Police is the one show that has got you covered. It gets serious where it needs to be and delivers plenty of comedic moments for you to laugh your heart out. So, you must watch this show if you have been wanting to watch a good medical comedy drama.


Space Force has received a lot of negative reviews and it is probably because it became too loud to handle. However, it is a sincerely made show which you should not miss if you want to watch something that has a novel concept. The performances are hilarious and you are going to love it as well.

Which of the above-mentioned shows have you watched and which of them will you watch first? Do let us know and keep visiting this space for more such informative and amazing content.

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