The Toto Drake and Drake II toilets have many similarities. If you are planning to change or replace your toilet then you will be searching many options to get the best toilet. Toilet comes in many different styles, designs, heights and flushing capacities. You search and find information about many brands before making the buying decision.

You want to buy a toilet that is not only looks good in your bathroom but also give you best service for a long time span. Finding the best toilet that fulfills all your needs and requirements and also adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom is not easy to find. There are many companies in the market who claim to be the best but not all of them are always true.

TOTO is a very big name in the world of plumbing manufacturers. It is a Japanese brand. Their history traces back to more than 100 years. It is a very popular brand among the customers of west. It is not considered to be a budget friendly brand but still people prefer it over other brands due to the durability and quality of TOTO products.

Whenever you will search different toilet brands you will definitely find TOTO Drake and its models in the top ranking. All TOTO Drake models are worth buying. They provide you with some of the best features you can expect in any high end toilets but Toto Drake and Drake II are among the top ones in all Toto Drake models.

What is a Toto Drake?

Toto drake is a toilet having an elongated bowl. It is a single flush toilet. It has a comfortable height to suit different consumer’s needs. It is a two piece toilet. This series has many models. It comes in many different classic colors. Toto Drake is very popular series in the USA but its sale is not allowed in some states of USA. The reason is that it is not efficient in saving water. Its water consumption is very high. It is still considered and bought in a huge quantity due to its many impressive features that will be discussed later in this article.

What is a Toto Drake II?

Toto drake II toilet has an elongated bowl. It has comfortable height to suit needs of different consumers. It is a two piece toilet. It is available in many different colors.  Toto Drake II is an improved version of the Toto drake toilet. Therefore it is considered to be a better model as compared to the Toto Drake. It is also more efficient in saving water. That is why it is permitted to sale all over USA.

Toto Drake vs Drake II – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

Toto drake and drake II are different models from the same brand. This does not mean that they will be having same characteristics or features. Both of them have many different advantages and disadvantages which are defined in the below section. After reading this, you will be able to easily differentiate between the two models. Differences between Toto drake and drake II are given below.

Water Consumption:

Toto Drake consumes 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. This makes it less efficient in saving water. This is the reason due to which Toto drake’s sale is not permitted in some states of USA. California, Colorado and Texas are the states where toilets consuming water more than 1.28 gpf could not be sold. More than 1.28 gpf toilet’s sale is prohibited in these states.

Toto Drake II consumes 1.28 gallons of water for each flush. This makes it efficient in saving water. That is why it could be sold in the whole USA without any restriction.

Flushing System:

If you have to flush twice or thrice a toilet to clean away all the waste, then this toilet is not considered good enough. A toilet is considered to have strong flushing power if it is able to flush away all the waste with a single flush.

Toto drake has a flushing system known as G Max flushing system. The G Max flushing system has a 3-inch wide flush valve. This lets the tank to flow water more rapidly towards the bowl. The speed of water flow towards the bowl decides how powerful will be the flushing system.

Toto drake II uses tornado flushing system. This system also uses 3-iches wide flush valve. It has two nozzles on the sides of bowl. When flushing mechanism starts, water starts flowing into the bowl through these nozzles. This lets the water to flow with more power and strength thus making it a more powerful flushing system. There are no stains or waste left behind. All the waste flushes away with a single flush.


Look and appearance of a toilet is also an important characteristic that most people do not overlook. That is why apart from other features, style and look of a toilet should also be matching with the overall theme of a bathroom.

Toto drake has a very big tank. The tank size is even bigger than the bowl. It does not match with the bowl size. Width of tank of Toto drake is 19.875 inches whereas the width of bowl is only 14 inches, which is a huge difference. The tank and the bowl do not look in line with each other. Therefore Toto drake fails to impress many buyers who are looking for a modern or stylish looking toilet.

Toto drake II has a straight looking tank from top to bottom. It also matches with its bowl size. The width of tank and bowl is nearly the same, to be exact its 17.25 inches. Due to the straight style and size match of the tank and bowl, the overall look of Toto drake II is far better as compared to Toto drake. This makes it to look more aesthetically beautiful.


Nearly all toilets are made of same material that is porcelain. Porcelain material has small holes inside it which are prone to contain lots of dust particles inside it. This makes the cleaning of a toilet very difficult.

Toto drake and Toto drake II are also made of porcelain. The only difference between the two models is cefiontect glaze. It is a type of coating material that is done on the surface of Toto drake II toilets to prevent the dust and waste particles hide inside the tiny holes of porcelain.

This is the main reason that Toto drake II looks more clean and shiny as compared to Toto drake toilets. This coating layer makes the cleaning process easy as well. The dust and waste particles just slide away from the glazing surface thus leaving behind a cleaner and shinier toilet than ever. You don’t even need to use any bleaching agents or strong chemicals for cleaning purpose.


Toto drake models have a height of 16.5 inches. The height of Toto drake II toilets is 16.125 inches. Therefore if you wish to have comfortable height toilet then you should choose Toto drake. However if you are not a tall heighted person or an elderly person, then Toto drake II can also serve you the purpose.


Toto drake and Drake II are models of the same series. However there are prominent differences between the two models. You should give a thorough read to the above content to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both models. After that you can make a better decision that which model will be more suitable for your bathroom.

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