There are lots of options and color schemes to go with light hardwood floors. It’s not just color schemes, but there are lots of style options with light hardwood floors that will make your home look upbeat.

Color scheme options for light hardwood floors

When choosing furniture to go with light hardwood floors, keep in mind that light hardwood floors look best when you combine colors with them. A single color theme doesn’t work well with light hardwood floors. In contrast, blending different hues gives your space a more spacious and brightening effect. Take a look at these color schemes that go well with light hardwood floors. Take a look at these points to get a better grasp of what these colors mean.

1- Grey is always fascinating

Light hardwood floors harmonize well with grey colored furniture. Grey with light hardwood floor will give a more airy, open and spacious impact because light colors like grey add sophistication and class to your space.

2- Brown is bold in its own way

Brown color is always a chic choice when it comes to furniture because unlike other darker colors, brown mixes and blends well with lighter shades. Brown color is therefore a good choice to pair with your light hardwood floors. Brown has different shades. While choosing the sofa color, if you are choosing brown, you should go for dark brown because dark looks better with lighter shades. Also there is a benefit that it does not get dirty easily. You can also pair a dark brown centre table with the sofa. But you should keep one point in mind that your walls should also be of lighter tones if you are choosing dark brown color furniture.

3- Black never fails to inspire

Black is a color choice that should be made very carefully.  No doubt black is a classic color, but too much use of black in a room can bring a downbeat effect. Black color should be used in a wise way if you want your space to look classy and elegant at the same time. Obviously dark colors like black blend well with light colors. But make sure that if you are choosing black color sofa or furniture with light hardwood floors, then your walls should also be painted in light colors.

4- White is pure and heavenly

White is a sophisticated choice while choosing for your furniture. It goes well with light hardwood floors. But too much white in the room is also not the way to style perfectly. If you are using white for furniture with light hardwood floors, then your walls should be in some darker shades. In this way your white furniture and light hardwood floors will become more prominent and will look more exclusive and well-designed.

5- Light Blue is calm and peaceful

Light blue furniture is very much in trend now a day. It can work well with your light hardwood floors but a better way is to pair grey colored walls with the light blue furniture and light hardwood floors. This will be a perfect combination and will give your room a completely refined and graceful impression

6- Deep purple is the color of luxury

Deep purple is a color of opulence, pleasure and optimism. It adds life to your room when paired in a perfect way with the walls and floor of the room. Deep purple with light hardwood floor gives a look of openness and spaciousness to your room. You can combine deep purple colored sofa with white or cream walls and light hardwood floors. I’m sure that this combination will not fail you to inspire your visitors.

7- Almond color is relaxing and comforting

Almond color is no doubt a color that seems very relaxing to the eyes and gives a calming effect to your heart and mind. Almond colored furniture with light hardwood floors is also a classic choice to be made. But here again you have to choose your wall color wisely. You can pair your almond furniture with light grey walls. White colored walls can also be a good choice. Almond color furniture with light hardwood floors will give your room an entirely calm and peaceful look. An almond colored wooden centre table can also be added to complete the look.

8- Beige is divine

Beige color has a divine effect. It also complements well with light hardwood floors. You can buy a beige colored sectional sofa and add some dark colored cushions on it to make it a bit more vibrant while remaining classy with the beige. Here as well you can color your walls grey or a combination of white and grey with cream colored ceiling. The room will look spacious and airy with a heavenly look of beige.

9- Ginger pops everything out

Ginger color is often misunderstood with orange and rust, but it’s not orange or rust!!! Ginger is ginger!!!! Ginger color has got well-appointed looks. It accompanies very well with the light hardwood floor. The ginger colored furniture pops more on the light hardwood floor and adds a lavish and extravagant look to your whole space. You can choose a same colored rug with ginger colored sofa to complete the look.

10- Emerald Green is royal and classy

Emerald green is a royal color. It is bold and classy so it works perfectly well when combined with light hardwood floor. Emerald green gives your space an imperial look. You can also pair emerald curtains with emerald sofa. But remember to use lighter shades for the walls. Add beige or off white colored cushions for the sofa to give a more prominence to your emeralds.


These color schemes should be a perfect match for your light hardwood floor. As mentioned above, a variety of color schemes go perfectly with a light hardwood floor. From lighter to darker, like white to black, and more bold color schemes like emerald, above points have given an insight to the top ten color schemes that will go perfectly well with your light hardwood floor.


What colors go good with light hardwood floors?

A neutral wall color can match your light wood floors while still allowing your walls to stand out. Whether it is grey, beige, taupe, or greige, neutrals are a great choice. Browns and yellows in darker shades will likely clash due to their contrast.

Should furniture be darker or lighter than floor?

Lighter floors go fine with delicate furniture, while darker floors are better suited to heavy furniture. In general, it’s wise to keep your floors lighter. It is very important to ensure that everything has a chance to shine within the space, so that you can maintain a sense of balance within the room.

What goes with light hardwood?

Choose to decorate your home in colors such as beige, ivory, and light gray in order to achieve a timeless look. The color beige, ivory, and light gray are timeless and go well with light hardwood floors. Ivory is also a good color to pair with a beige carpet.

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