Camping is a lot of fun when you have your RV. However, owning an RV is not an easy task when it comes to the cleaning and dumping of waste in your RV. Dumping is not an easy task and finding a place to dump the waste is another difficult task. You cannot dump the waste anywhere. There are some specific places allotted to do this activity. These are called dumping stations. However, finding the dumping station is yet another task.

RV dumping stations charge a fee every time you go there for dumping the waste of your RV. They charge every time you go there for dumping. Some dumping stations also give options to get a yearly membership for dumping which also gives discounts. Still, it is costly to pay for the dump.

However, there are also some places where you can dump all the waste of your RV for free. If you camp mostly in RV parks or campgrounds, then you will not find it difficult to find a free RV waste dumping site. It can save you a lot of money on every trip.

Rules to Use Free Dumping Sites

Some people do not observe any etiquette when they dump on free dumping stations. This becomes an irritable situation for others. While using free dumping sites, it is your responsibility to keep these places clean and in a good condition so that other people can also benefit from these sites. Most of the free dumping sites do not receive enough funds to keep these places in a maintained state. 

Therefore it is considered to be a part of good etiquette that we should try to keep these places as clean and as maintained as possible. That is why some rules are set that you should follow while dumping on a free dumping site to let other people dump without any problem. Some of these rules are given below.

1. Be Patient

Free things always attract a great number of people. The same is the case with free dumping stations. A great number of people go to free dumping stations to dump their RV waste. That is why you will never find a free dumping station free of people. However, good manners suggest that you should be patient with other people and should wait for your turn. In other cases, if you are in a hurry, you should not go to a free dumping site as it is obvious that this site will be crowded.

2. Use Proper Equipment

It is suggested that you should use proper equipment for the dumping of your waste. The pipes or hoses etc. which you are using to transfer the waste from holding tanks to the dumping site should be in good condition and well maintained. This is to ensure that the waste transfers safely to the dumping site without creating any mess.

3. Do not leave Active Sewage Unattended

As an RVer, you should be aware of the fact that you should never leave the dumping process unattended. This is suggested because, during the dumping process, anything can happen. The pipe can get detached and the waste can create a lot of mess at the dumping station. This will create a mess for others and will make it impossible for others to dump the waste.

4. Be Quick and Efficient

Be careful of the fact that at the free dumping sites, there are a great number of people waiting in line behind you for their turn. That is why you should try to be as quick and efficient as possible. You should keep in mind that the free dump sites are for dumping the waste and not for flushing the whole tank.

Places to Dump RV Waste for Free

There are many places where you can dump your RV waste for free. If you can find a place like this, it will be very cost-effective for you. Following are listed some places where you can dump RV waste for free.

1. Rest Areas

Rest areas on the highway or towards the camping sites often have dump sites that offer to dump free of cost. You can use the online resources of your state government to find such areas along your route.

2. Fuel Stations

Most of the fuel stations also have a facility for free dumping of RV waste. These fuel stations offer free dumping facilities to attract passersby. In this way, the inward traffic to their station will increase and the chance of getting customers for the fuel will also increase. Therefore, the fuel stations use this as a marketing tactic to attract more customers to their stations.

3. Municipal Sewer Facilities

The sewer facilities provided by the municipality are government property and they are also free. That is why they sometimes offer free dumping of RV waste as well because these facilities are made for the facilitation of the public.

4. City Grounds

Some city parks and grounds also offer free dumping facilities for RV users. You can check your nearby city parks if they offer free dumping facilities or not.

5. Military Campgrounds

Military campgrounds are very good options for you if they offer free dumping facilities. They often have better facilities even if they are free of cost. However, the military campground free facilities are often available for active military officers or the retired ones only. They are not for the civilians.

6. Federal Recreation Sites

Some federal recreation sites like national forests or national monuments etc also offer free RV waste dumping facilities. Some of these sites offer free dumping for all. Others may request you a donation before you can dump it there. You can check on the website of that recreation site whether they offer free dumping facilities or not.

7. Your Own House

One of the easiest and free-of-cost ways to dump your RV waste is in your own house. You can easily dump RV wastes in the sewer or septic system of your house.


Is there any app to find free dumping sites?

Sanidumps is an android app. It is created to help people find locations that offer free dumping of RV waste. This app works in the USA and Canada only.

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