Imagine that you are taking a hot bath after a long and tiring day at work. You want to relax yourself after a busy and hectic day at the workplace and now you want to forget all the worries of your life and job and just want to focus on a relaxing, soothing hot water coming from your shower trying to wash away all your worries and tiredness.

Here comes the twist!! Suddenly you get a thrust of hot water coming from your shower which makes you frustrated and disturbed. All your relaxation therapy is spoilt in seconds. Sometimes it is even worse. The hot water suddenly turns into freezing cold water. Then you remember that someone in the house has probably flushed the toilet which is the main culprit of all your frustration.

What is the Actual Reasons

If the above explained phenomenon has happened with you often, you will be more interested to know the reason behind these unpleasant series of events while taking shower. You will be not surprised to know that the reason behind all this can be the improper pipe work done in your house.

Another reason could be the shower valve that has gotten very old and needs replacement. The other reason could be the problem in water pressure of the water pipes of your house or it can also relate to the water heater working issues.

The main reason behind these thrusts of water in the shower can be that your house is built with a system that has narrow water pipes. These pipes are divided and attached to other rooms in the house. When one room is already utilizing the water supply in shower and at the same time someone in the other area of the house uses the toilet, then it mixes the water and you get a sudden change of temperature in your shower water. So basically this is a pluming issue which needs a professional to tackle and resolve.

Another reason for this blast of water could be that your house does not have a water pressure valve. This valve is designed to control, maintain and manage the water pressure in the whole house. This decreases the chance of sudden happenings of getting blast of water in the shower.

Water pressure valve regulates the supply of water for the house. If two areas of the house are utilizing water at the same time, then the pressure valve will make sure that both areas will get the equal pressure and flow of water.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Affecting Your Shower

Following are some tips and tricks that you can do to prevent the affect of toilet flushing on your shower. If you do not want to be involved in the hassle of calling a plumber to resolve the issue but still want to get rid of this torturing situation, then follow the given tips to avoid the frustrating situation.

Stop Flushing While Taking Shower

If you are going to take shower, inform all the family members. It seems rather funny but it can save you from the disturbing situation that can happen with you in the shower if someone uses a toilet while you are taking shower. So it basically depends on the cooperation between the family members.

Decrease Water Level of Toilet Tank

This will help to fill the water tank early and you will face the blast of water for a very short span of time. This does not help to prevent the situation completely but help to reduce the time span a little bit.

Lessen the Pressure of Refill Valve

There is a valve attached with your toilet tank that is called refill valve. It can help you to adjust the speed with which your toilet tank will be refilled. If you slow down the speed of the valve, it will take less pressure of water and it is possible that you will not get water blasts in the shower due to difference of water pressure.

Mount a Thermostatic Valve For Your Shower

Another tip is that you can put a thermostatic valve in your shower. This valve will automatically maintain the temperature of water coming from the shower. Your chance of getting extreme hot or extreme cold weather will reduce to 0%.

Call a Plumber

If none of the above tips work for your situation, then the last resort is to call a professional plumber to tackle the problem.


We hope that from the above mentioned content, you will now be able to understand why your shower affects when you use a toilet. Try to implement the above tips if you are going through the same problem. Hopefully, you will get some positive result. Otherwise, ask for professional help.

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