Bollywood star Zareen Khan celebrated for her performance alongside Salman Khan in the 2010 film “Veer,” recently revealed her hospitalization due to dengue via Instagram. 

Amidst a nationwide rise in dengue cases, Zareen experienced symptoms like high fever and intense body pains.

Her Instagram update depicted a poignant moment from the hospital, with Zareen showing her hand attached to an IV drip. Using the caption “#LifeUpdate,” she connected with fans, informing them about her health.

She urged fans to take necessary precautions to prevent the deadly viral disease as the number of affected people continuously increases worldwide, including in India.

Media speculation about her hiatus from the silver screen has been rife. However, in a candid interview with Hindustan Times, Zareen shed light on her priorities. 

Her focus has been on caring for her ailing mother. She shared, “My mother’s health keeps fluctuating. The good days with her are treasures. Her well-being overshadows all, making work and even my fitness regimen secondary.”

Despite her temporary step back from Bollywood, Zareen’s dedication to family resonates with many. The actress hasn’t made any announcements about upcoming film projects yet.

The spike in the mosquito-borne disease can be attributed to the unusual monsoon climate. Fans wished Zareen a quick recovery a

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