Living a luxurious life is a dream of every human being as it gives you comfort and a lifestyle that you have ever dreamt of. But it can only be adopted if you are paid a lot of money for the work you are doing.

So, if you have got the chance to live in a house that costs more than a million dollars, how would you feel? You must have jumped into that house, right?

But it only happens to the celebrity who is paid in billion dollars and they can afford luxury homes and have maintained a luxurious lifestyle which a normal person with a low salary cannot even imagine.

No matter how much we spend in home remodeling projects, we can never make our home that luxury like the expensive homes of celebrities.

Many celebrities have possessions of the most expensive homes in the entire world. These luxury homes are fully equipped with the things that are necessities and provide you comfort and a wealthy lifestyle that is exactly according to the personalities of the celebrities who are known to everyone in the world.

Let’s discuss the top 10 most expensive homes of the known celebrities in the world and how much these luxury homes costs.

#10. Ozzy Osbourne (Cost $10 Million)

It comes on number 10 on the list of most expensive celebrity homes in the world that costs around $10 million. This luxury home is in the possession of Ozzy Osbourne who is one of the most famous singers and songwriters and known for his amazingly beautiful voice. This beautiful home is located in the beautiful place of Hidden Hills, California and covers the area of approximately 10.953 square feet. It has amazing features such as an appealing swimming pool, 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and other amenities that are possible to be found in a house of $10 million.

#9. Will Smith (Cost $20 Million)

The home of Will Smith is located in the scenic place of Calabasas, California. Will Smith is known as one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He is also famous in the United States. His home is luxurious and costs around $20 million. It has all the facilities such as a lake, golf course, tennis courts, basketball, and other attractive amenities that make his house come toa huge extent. The amazing thing about his home is that it has a zip code that is owned by Will Smith.

#8. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Cost $23.5 Million)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known as an actor who plays roles in action movies. Later he turned out to become the governor of California. His home comes on number 8 in the list of most expensive celebrity homes in the world. His home costs around $23.5 million which covers the area of approximately 14.500 square feet. His house is located in Brentwood County, California and equipped with luxury features such as a swimming pool, 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a beautiful tennis court.

#7. Christie Brinkley (Cost $30 Million)

Christie Brinkley is a known supermodel that has a beautiful mansion located in the beautiful place of Long Island, New York. Her mansion costs around $30 million and her house is fully equipped with luxury amenities such as 9 bathrooms, 100 bedrooms, and 50 feet observation deck.

#6. Jerry Seinfeld (Cost $32 Million)

Jerry Seinfeld is a well-known actor, television producer, and the best comedian. He owns a mansion that is located in The Hamptons, New York and costs around $32 million. He has many luxury facilities in his mansion such as the baseball field, swimming pool, and a garage that can hold more than 22 cars at a time.

$5. Billy Joel (Cost $35 Million)

Billy Joel is known for his excellent skills in piano and he owns a home that is located in La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, Florida and costs around $35 million. His house covers an area of approximately 303.310 square feet. His house has amazing amenities such as a 4-car garage, swimming pool, wine cellar, patio, outdoor kitchen, and a boat slip.

#4. Hugh Hefner (Cost $54 Million)

Hugh Hefner is known as a great magazine publisher and owns a house that costs around $54 million. His beautiful home is located in Los Angeles, California and has all the amenities and equipment such as wine cellar, game room, swimming pool, aviary, tennis court, zoo, pet cemetery, and waterfall. His beautiful mansion has all the facilities that a celebrity requires for a luxury lifestyle.

#3. Oprah Winfrey (Cost $85 Million)

Oprah Winfrey is another celebrity that is known for her characters in the whole world. She runs a talk show which was started in 1986 and now is watched by a huge audience in different places of the world. She owns a house that costs around $85 million and located in the beautiful area of Montecito, California. It has great features and luxury amenities such as 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, a garden, movie cinema, 6 bedrooms, and a beautiful lake that has an amazing collection of beautiful fish.

#2. Bill Gates (Cost $147.5 Million)

Bill Gates is the founder of the most successful company named Microsoft which is the most profitable company in the world. Along with that, he is also a very rich celebrity of the world and owns the 2nd most expensive celebrity home in the world. His beautiful home is located in Medina, Washington and has a cost of around $145.5 million. His house is equipped with the best amenities and facilities that are more than enough for a dream lifestyle. He owns a beautiful swimming pool, a magnificent library, bowling alley, a server system that has a non-tradition pin system that is only given to the people who visit him. This pin is used to change the temperature, lighting, and music inside the home.

#1. Aron Spelling (Cost $150 Million)

This is the number one most expensive celebrity home in the world that is owned by a famous television producer Aron Spelling. Her mansion is situated in Los Angeles, California and covers the area of approximately 56.500 square feet. Her mansion has amazing facilities and amenities and she has the best modern and luxury lifestyle.


These are known as the most expensive luxury mansions in the world that every person dreams of. These homes are made with the best material. You can check out one of the best home remodeling contractors in the USA by searching for these expensive homes so you can also take ideas for your remodeling projects.

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