In Peshawar, there are numerous famous colleges for FSC pre-engineering and pre-medical for those who want to pursue these demanding fields. Their persistent commitment to delivering high-quality education contributes to a brighter future for students in the fields of medicine and engineering.

List of Top Colleges for FSC in Peshawar

Some of the best colleges for FSC with their admission procedures and contact details are: 

  1. Al Madina Institute of Medical Sciences
  2. Army public school and college
  3. The University of Agriculture Public School & College
  5. Govt. Superior Science College
  6. Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences

Al Madina Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar 

Al-Madina College was founded in 2010, aiming to provide opportunities for medical education. The college is known as the best college for pre-medical students in Peshawar due to its academic excellence over the years.

Admission procedure: You can apply to Al-Madina College online via the college website.

Fee structure: The fee structure at this college for FSC pre-medical students is around 70,000 PKR.

Contact: 091-2260199

Address: Main GT Road, near Ayub Floor Mills, Madina Town, Peshawar

Army Public School and College, Peshawar

APSACS started its journey in 1975 and spread its branches to provide quality education across the country. The college is famous in Peshawar for FSC programs that examine the federal board (FBISE).

Admission procedure: Students must pass the entry-level test to get admission to APSAC. You can apply to the college through the college website. Admissions are strictly on merit and depend on the availability of seats.

Fee structure: The fee structure at APSAC is categorized on the basis of program level, ranging from 6,000 to 7000 PKR.

Contact: 091 9213216 

Address: Defence Colony, Peshawar 

Agriculture University Public School and College (AUPS&C), Peshawar

This Agricultural Public College introduced HSSC education in 2002 to cater to the needs of students. It is among the top-ranked colleges that provide excellent education to students pursuing FSc pre-medical and pre-engineering programs in Peshawar under highly qualified staff.

Admission procedure: You can get the application form directly from the institute. Fill it with accurate information and submit it with the mentioned documents to the college.

Fee structure: The fee structure at Agriculture Public College for FSC ranges from 52,000 to 54,000 PKR. For further details contact the college.

Contact: (091) 9218130

Address: Usmania St, Professors Colony, Peshawar

Aisha institute of modern sciences, Peshawar

Founded in 2003, it is a famous FSC college in Peshawar for its excellence in science studies. It is recognized as the top girls’ college for higher secondary education in pre-medical and pre-engineering.

Admission procedure: To get admission to AIMS, download the admission form through the website and submit it along with the required documents to the college.

Fee structure: It is an expensive college with a fee structure for FSC ranging from 67,000 to 70,000 PKR.

Contact: 091-5851500

Address: 58-C, University Road, University Town, Peshawar

Govt. Superior Science College, Peshawar

This leading college was established in 1962. The college is best for FSC pre-engineering and pre-medical students due to its conducive learning environment and extensive facilities and labs.

Admission procedure: You can apply via the online college admission system KPK or get the prospectus directly from the college. The college also offers a quota system, and admission is based on the availability of seats.

Fee structure: GSSC is an affordable college for FSC in Peshawar with fees ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 PKR. You can also get the fee details from the college prospectus. 

Contact: 091-2563067

Address: Panch Kata Chowk, Wazir Bagh, Peshawar

Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar

GIMS is famous for medical sciences in Peshawar, established in 2008. The college has great affiliations with medical universities and provides outstanding academics for the FSC pre-medical program under the greater learning atmosphere.

Admission procedure: To get admission to GIMS, apply via the college website. For further queries, visit the college administrative office.

Fee structure: The fee structure at GIMS is designed according to the program level. For fee details, contact the college admission office.

Contact: 091-5601531 

Address: Abdara Chowk, University Road, Peshawar  


There are many top FSC colleges in Peshawar. These institutions offer not only quality education but also comprehensive facilities that aid students in grasping scientific concepts, all within affordable fee structures.


1. How many marks are required to get admission in FSC to APSAC?

Students must have a minimum of 75% marks in the SSC examination for admission to FSC pre-medical or pre-engineering in APSAC. 

2. Can you get admission to a university with 45% marks?

The minimum mark required by the students who have completed their intermediate or A-levels is 45% to get admission to a university.

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