Lahore is home to some of the Top engineering universities in both government and private sector. These institutions are dedicated to academic excellence and offer a range of graduate and post-graduate programs to help students achieve their goals. With innovative teaching methods and advanced facilities, these best engineering universities in Lahore are renowned for their quality education and commitment to shaping bright futures.

List of 6 Best Engineering Universities in Lahore

There are 6 Top engineering universities in Lahore, along with their offering program’s contact details.

1. COMSATS University Lahore

One of the best engineering universities in Lahore is COMSATS University. It was founded in January of 2002. CUI Lahore has an impressive infrastructure, consisting of 185 acres. Comsats University is renowned for its commitment to quality education and cutting-edge research. Comsats University also ranks as the No.1 engineering university in Pakistan.

Facilities: well-equipped laboratories, modern classrooms, the biggest library, and a highly qualified Ph.D. staff are the qualities of Comsats University.

Admission Process: Admissions are based on an entry test, and applications are submitted online.

Fee Structure: For the most accurate and the up to date information, visit the university official or use our contact details to reach them.

Address: Defence Road is 1.5 Km, near Off Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92 42 11 10 01 0 07
  • Email:

2. University of Punjab (PU)

Punjab University is not only the largest and most established university in Pakistan but also has a long history. It was the first in the subcontinent to be established in a predominantly Muslim area, having been established in Lahore in 1882. It is considered as the best engineering university in Lahore. It has gained popularity among students in Pakistan and abroad due to its commitment to providing quality education at reasonable tuition fees.

Facilities: Punjab University offers financial aid programs and on-campus facilities, furthers its mission of making education accessible to all, and boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and facilities, including a laboratory and research facilities, making it a beacon of learning and innovation in Lahore.

Admission Process: Admissions are merit-based, and students must pass an entry test.

Fee Structure: PU offers an affordable fee structure that ranges from PKR 20,000 for a Bachelor’s degree to PKR 35,000 for a PhD; the University of Punjab also provides financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

Address: UOP, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Canal Road, Lahore.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: 00 92 42 99 23 11 01
  • Email:

3. University of Engineering & Technology Lahore (UET)

Renowned public university UET Lahore is frequently listed as one of the best engineering universities in Lahore that has all major engineering departments. The STEM fields are its primary focus, and the university has emerged as a national leader in engineering education. It has an esteemed reputation and accepts more than 50,000 applications a year. Ranked fifth in the country, UET Lahore is acknowledged as one of Lahore’s most prestigious engineering schools. Additionally, it is ranked 324th in the world by QS World University Rankings in the Engineering and Technology category. To plan and encourage research activities, the university established the Directorate General for Research, Advice, and Consultation.

Facilities: The university boasts state-of-the-art labs and research centers with a strong emphasis on practical learning. Additionally, there is a fully-equipped sports complex on campus with facilities for swimming, tennis, squash, table tennis, and cricket.

Admission Process: Admissions are based on a combination of entry test scores and academic performance.

Fee Structure: Detailed fee structure is available on the official website. Mostly free, starting at PKR 278,950 (first semester) without concession and PKR 59,150 (first semester) with concessions.

Address: University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, G.T. Road, Lahore.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: 04 29 90 29 22 7
  • Email:

4. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

LUMS is a private research university in Lahore, Punjab. Founded in 1983 by Syed Babar Ali, LUMS is known for producing interdisciplinary graduates with a holistic understanding of engineering and management. In 2008, LUMS started engineering school. In 2001, it also started an NOP to give students financial assistance for deserving. With a campus spread over 100 acres, LUMS is also ranked as the best engineering university in Lahore and among the top 700 in the world. LUMS alumni include several scholars from Fulbright, Chevening, and Rhodes.

Facilities: Modern classrooms, collaborative spaces, and a focus on entrepreneurship.

Admission Process: Admissions are competitive, with a rigorous selection process. Entry test and interview is musts for all candidates. 

Fee Structure: Basically, the fee structure depends on the program selection. Without an NOP scholarship, the starting of LUMS is  PKR 155,400 per semester.

Address: Lahore University of Management Sciences, D.H.A, Lahore.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: 04 23 56 00 00
  • Email:

5. FAST NUCES Lahore Campus (FAST)

FAST is a private research university with several campuses across Pakistan. It is known for its emphasis on technology, innovation, and producing industry-ready professionals. It was named a leader in computer science and information technology by the HEC of Pakistan in 2020. The Pakistan Engineering Council has accredited the school’s engineering program. FAST is also a student-run educational non-profit organization that offers scholarships and other financial aid programs to qualified students. Fast is considered one of the Best engineering universities in Lahore that provides software engineering programs.

Facilities: The university offers modern facilities and places a strong emphasis on research. There is also an abundance of sports facilities, including courts for cricket, football, basketball, and table tennis. 

Admission Process: Admissions are based on an entrance test and interview.

Fee Structure: Detailed fee information is available on the official website of FAST University. Mostly it charges  PKR 8,000 for a single credit hour.

Address: FAST NUCES Lahore Campus, Faisal Town, Lahore.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: 04 21 11 12 81 28
  • Email:

6. University of Management and Technology (UMT)

It was founded in 1990. UMT is a dynamic institution committed to fostering innovation and producing leaders in various fields, including engineering. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has accredited it, and the Punjabi government has chartered it. UMT is the private best engineering university in Lahore. It was also listed in the world’s top 500–600 universities. With 99.9 research citations, UMT had the highest score in Lahore’s university. 

Facilities: With classrooms, a library, state-of-the-art science and engineering labs, an indoor and outdoor sports complex, a cafeteria, and a symposium cafe, the campus offers a wide array of amenities. The campus also boasts strong industry partnerships, advanced research centers, and modern infrastructure.

Admission Process: For UET, admissions are strictly merit-based and require applicants to take an entry test.

Fee Structure: For detailed fee information, please visit the official website. The fees for undergraduate programs start from PKR 74,938 per quarter.

Address: UMT, C-II, Johar Town, C2 Phase,  Lahore.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: 04 21 11 30 02 00
  • Email:


Choosing the best engineering university in Lahore is a critical decision for aspiring engineers. The universities mentioned provide top-quality instruction and a conducive environment for all-around growth. These best engineering institutes offer comprehensive education across all levels of engineering, including bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs.


Q1: Which Engineering University is No.1 in Lahore?

Punjab University is the No.1 Engeeriing University in Lahore according to Edu ranking.

Q2: According to QS ranking, what is the top engineering university in Lahore?

UET is a top-ranked engineering university according to  QS World University Rankings 2024, securing a spot at #791-800.

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