Choosing the best school for a child is an important decision as it plays a huge role in shaping their character and future. Coimbatore is often called the “Manchester of South India” because of its industrial importance and rich educational heritage. There are many top English medium schools in Coimbatore.

List of 5 Best Schools in Coimbatore

In this article, we will explore five of the best schools in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, complete with admission processes, fee structures, addresses, contact details, and a brief description of each institution.

1. The Camford International School

It is well known that Camford International School strongly focuses on a well-rounded education that integrates academics, extracurriculars, and character development. The school has long maintained strong academic standards to underpin its commitment to producing well-rounded individuals. CIS is one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore. CIS also won the “Best School in India” Award in 2023.

Admission Process: The Camford International School follows a simple admission process. Parents can visit the school’s website or the campus for admission forms. Admissions are usually based on a first-come-first-serve basis for lower classes, while an entrance exam and interview may be conducted for higher classes.

Fee Structure: The school offers an affordable fee structure with monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options. On average, they take 50 to 70 thousand per annum.

Address: 574, 1, Udayampalayam Rd, Maniyakarampalayam, Manikarampalayam, Ganapathy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Contact: +91 75980 56660

2. Yuvabharathi Public School

Coimbatore’s Yuvabharathi Public School is a private coeducational institution. It is a unit of the Bharat Educational Society and was founded in 2005. The Central Board of Secondary Education is linked with it. Yuvabharathi Public School is committed to academic excellence and holistic development. The school provides a nurturing environment where students can explore their talents and interests is why YPS is the top school in Coimbatore

Admission Process: Yuvabharathi Public School typically starts its admission process in January. Application forms can be obtained from the school office or downloaded from their website. Admission is based on an entrance test and interview.

Fee Structure: The school offers a comprehensive fee structure that includes tuition, transportation, and other charges. 

Address: Kanuvai, Tamil Nadu, India: Yuva Enclave Kanuvai – Thudiyalur Road Somayampalayam

Contact: +91 422 297 8080

3. Peepal Prodigy School

Peepal Prodigy School, from 2018 to 2022, was ranked as the No. 1 CBSE school for parental satisfaction and received the “Great Place to Study” recognition in 2018-2019. The school also won the “Quality Brands of India” award for broadcasting positive parent reviews on Google. It is a highly regarded CBSE school in Coimbatore with a remarkable rating. The school is committed to sustainability, using 100% renewable green energy for its electricity needs. PPS is also known as India’s 1st Stress-Free CBSE School. Peepal Prodigy School is famous for its innovative and child-centric approach to education. 

Admission Process: Peepal Prodigy School generally opens admissions in December. Application forms are available at the school’s administrative office. Admissions are granted based on interactions and discussions with the child and parents.

Fee Structure: The school offers one of the most affordable fee structures and various payment options. PPS fee structure starts from 5 thousand per month.

Address: Peepal Prodigy School, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Contact: +91 95854 00900


This institution is best for its commitment to academic rigour and holistic development. The school focuses on instilling strong values and critical thinking skills in its students. TAPIS was established in 2011. This is one of the best schools in Coimbatore for both men and women. This school provides instruction to all students, regardless of gender. There are about 1:40 kids in each classroom. The personnel and teachers are educated and skilled, nevertheless.

Admission Process: Adhyayana International Public School usually commences its admission process in November. Application forms can be collected from the school’s admission office. Admissions are granted based on written tests and interviews.

Fee Structure: The school offers a detailed fee structure for each grade on its official website. The average fee structure of TAIPS is about 5 to 7 thousand INR per month.

Address: Lakshmi Nagar, Bommanampalayam, 518, Bommanampalayam Rd, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Contact: +91 99421 21000

5. Parth International School

Sri Amman Trust sponsors and oversees the school. The founders and chairman are Mr. R. Ashokkumar and Mrs. E.N. Dheepa, respectively. PIS is renowned for its dedication to academic success and for offering a supportive environment where students can succeed personally and academically. Children can play, study, develop, and grow at the same rate at Parth International School. Children are the most engaged learners and can complete the milestones necessary to reach the goal. It starts from the pre-primary standard and ends at standard 10.

Admission Process: Parth International School initiates its admission process in December. Parents can obtain application forms from the school’s administrative office. Admission is based on interviews and interactions.

Fee Structure: The school offers a competitive fee structure, which can be obtained by contacting the school directly or visiting its website. The approximate fee is about 40 thousand per annum, Coimbatore’s most affordable fee structure.

Address: Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Thudiyalur, Ruckammal Colony, opposite Viswanathapuram, Mettupalayam Road, 105

Contact: +91 98439 92992


These 5 top schools in Coimbatore are dedicated to providing students with superior education and overall development. For the latest admission policies and fee schedules, contacting the institutions directly or visiting their websites is important, although the information presented here is only a glimpse. The right school is an important choice, and the educational facilities in Coimbatore offer many possibilities to meet the specific educational needs of each child.


1. Which CBSE School is ranked No.1 in Coimbatore?

Peepal Prodigy School has earned the distinction of being rated as the best CBSE School by ThreeBestRated, a testament to its exceptional educational standards.

2. Why is Coimbatore dubbed an educational hub?

The thriving city is home to many National Institutes for Information, Education, and Research. It is also famous for both government and private schools in Coimbatore.

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