Many famous schools in DHA Karachi offer top educational facilities. These features help these schools achieve goals like better character building and gaining educational excellence for their students. 

List of Best Schools in DHA Karachi

Schools in DHA have gained the status of one of the top because they have provided the best educational facilities and maintained their standards to remain on the list of top schools in DHA Karachi. These schools are not only the best because of the educational standards, but many of them are also very affordable for the general public. 

We have gathered information about these best schools so that you can have a look and decide the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

The C.A.S School

The C.A.S. School, a famous institution located in DHA, has a rich history. Originally established in 1981 in the area of PECHS Karachi, along the prominent Tariq Road, this school has been providing quality education for over four decades. Its comprehensive 14-year program spans from playgroup to O Levels, nurturing students through their formative years. The school has maintained its position as one of the best schools by providing a complete educational program with the best learning environment and facilities. Among its offerings are programs dedicated to Western European languages, reflecting its commitment to a well-rounded education. 

Location: 205 Saba Avenue, Phase 8, D.H.A

Curriculum: Pre-schools to Matriculation and O/A Levels

Type: Co-education

Fee Structure: The approximate monthly fee is expensive and ranges between PKR 20000-23000. It varies according to different academic grades.

Contact: 021-35251491-93

British Overseas School

 The British Overseas School stands out as one of the best schools in DHA Karachi. The school was established in 1958 as a not-for-profit organization. Since then, the institute has maintained its status as one of the oldest and most popular schools in Karachi due to its efforts to provide quality education to both foreigners and expat students. In the year 2000, the British Overseas School began admitting local students, marking a significant expansion of its reach. This famous institution in DHA Karachi ensures that students benefit from highly qualified teachers with UK training and access to top-notch facilities.

Location: 7/8, 14 Lane, Khayaban-e-Hilal, Phase 7 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Curriculum: O/A Level Education System

Type: Co-education

Fee Structure: The school fees are very high and are not affordable for many people. The estimated fee range is PKR 80000-150000/ month. 

Contact: (021) 35842307, 35343324

Haque Academy

Haque Academy, established in 1977 as Mrs. Haque Nursery, has evolved into one of the best schools in DHA Karachi. With a balanced approach to education that has both academics and extracurricular activities, it aims at the overall development of its students. The school consistently offers a variety of events and competitions to enhance the learning experience and development of a better school community. They employ modern and advanced teaching techniques to ensure that students receive the best possible education while also focusing on their physical and personal development.

Location: 209-A 32nd Street, Phase VIII, DHA

Curriculum: O/A Level Education System

Type: Co-education

Fee Structure: The approximate fee is affordable, ranging between PKR 15000-20000 per month. However, you can visit the branch for further details.

Contact: (021) 35251511-3

Education Bay

Education Bay stands out as one of the most popular schools in the DHA Karachi area. The school offers the best academic facilities alongside extracurricular activities. This famous school caters to students across various age groups, including pre-primary, primary, and secondary standards. One of the best features of Education Bay’s educational approach is its commitment to hosting regular workshops and programs. Moreover, Education Bay is famous for providing an enriching experience for students and parents alike through an array of activities and events throughout the entire year. 

Location: 98 Zulfiqar Ave, Zone B Phase 8, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Curriculum: O/A Level Education System

Type: Co-education

Fee Structure: The fee ranges between PKR 23000–30000 per month depending on the academic program and grade. The fee is a bit expensive. 

Contact: (021) 35251511-3

Froebel Education Center

The Froebel Education Centre was established in 1991. Initially, the school only caters to the education of students in the kindergarten, primary, and junior sections. However, in 1998, the school expanded its scope by introducing a senior section, thus transforming into a comprehensive school that now covers education from pre-primary to secondary levels. The educational philosophy used by this famous school is to place a strong emphasis on the development of students, including physical, social, and personal growth. Beyond nurturing its students, Froebel Education Centre has an in-house training facility for its teaching staff. 

Location: Main Saba Avenue, Off Khayaban e Iqbal, Phase 8, DHA Karachi

Curriculum: O/A Level Education System

Type: Co-education

Fee Structure: The fee is very affordable, with a range between PKR 15000-20000 per month.

Contact: 0321 7771661


The schools mentioned above are the top schools in DHA Karachi, which have maintained this status through continuous effort and by providing quality education. They focus on developing their educational programs according to the current needs so that the students can be trained better for the challenging future and the ever-changing world. 

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