Selecting from the list of the best schools in Multan can be difficult, but the decision is paramount. Choosing the most famous school shapes your child’s educational journey and personal growth. Multan, a city steeped in cultural heritage, proudly hosts a selection of outstanding educational establishments known for their commitment to academic brilliance and holistic development. 

List of  5 Best Schools in Multan

 This article will delve into the details of some of the most prominent and top schools in Multan, providing insights into their admission procedures, fee structures, addresses, and contact information.

1. Nishat School Multan:

This institution of higher learning is devoted to advancing the cause of quality education. In 1977, Madam Nishat Khanum set the groundwork for the Nishat School system. and is famous for Building Minds, Shaping Future.

Nishat School Multan has carved a niche in the educational landscape through its commitment to fostering a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment. With a dedication to producing well-rounded individuals, Nishat School stands as a beacon of quality education in the heart of Multan. As of now, the organization has 58 positions in BISE Multan. Nishat School is one of the best schools in Multan.

Admission: Nishat School Multan follows a meticulous admission process, requiring aspiring students to submit an application form. This is followed by an entrance assessment and a personal interview, which help gauge the student’s potential and alignment with the school’s values.

Fee Structure: The fee structure at Nishat School Multan is designed to be comprehensive, covering various grade levels and facilities that contribute to a holistic learning experience. The school also offers scholarships and discounts to recognize and encourage exceptional achievements.

Address: Main Rd, Block G Shalimar Colony, Multan, Punjab

Contact Details:  (061) 4551775

2. The City School Multan:

Established in 1978, The City School is among the most prestigious educational institutions. CSM is the best school in Multan, Pakistan, and is known for the best teaching staff and co-curricular activities. The City School Multan is a testament to quality education that empowers students to excel academically while nurturing personal growth. With a commitment to a well-rounded education, The City School has earned its place as a prestigious institution in Multan.

Admission: The top school in Multan City School’s admission process involves submitting a thoughtfully crafted application form. Aspirants then partake in an entrance assessment, complemented by reviewing their prior academic records. The school’s approach to admission is holistic, ensuring that each student’s potential is carefully assessed.

Fee Structure: The fee structure at The City School Multan is tailored to accommodate diverse grade levels and the amenities offered. The school’s dedication to accessibility is reflected in its flexible payment options.

Address: Northern Bypass Road Near Wapda Town Phase-2 Multan. , Multan, Pakistan

Contact Details: 061-6741313-15

3. Beaconhouse School Multan:

Asifa Tareen is the principal of one of the best schools in Multan,  Beaconhouse. This schooling system is a top school famous for Igniting Minds and Shaping Futures. Beaconhouse School Multan stands tall as an institution dedicated to igniting young minds and preparing them for a dynamic future. With a commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, Beaconhouse School continues to lead the education sector.

Admission: The admission process at Beaconhouse School Multan is meticulous, involving submitting a well-crafted application form. Prospective students then participate in an entrance test that evaluates their academic aptitude. An interview follows, allowing the school to understand the student’s potential comprehensively.

Fee Structure: The school’s fee structure is thoughtfully designed, considering various grade levels and the facilities provided. This commitment to providing quality education is mirrored in its fee options.

Address: BahadurPur-Bosan Road, Multan BCR,  Punjab Pakistan

Contact Details: 03-111-333-234

4. La Salle School Multan

 The Brothers of the Christian Schools run the private catholic La Salle School. In 1960, F.B. Cialeo,  a bishop, established it. La Salle is a top private school in Multan,  famous for Fostering Excellence and building Character. La Salle School Multan is a testament to academic excellence intertwined with character development. With a rich history of producing well-rounded individuals, the school remains dedicated to nurturing holistic growth.

Admission: La Salle School Multan’s admission process involves submitting a thoughtfully composed application form, followed by an admission test. This test helps gauge the student’s academic readiness and alignment with the school’s values of character and excellence.

Fee Structure: The school’s fee structure is carefully formulated, accommodating various grade levels and the facilities offered. This alignment with a comprehensive education is mirrored in its fee structure. Contact the school campus near you for more details.

Address: Kashmir Chowk, Sadaat Colony, Chah Usmanabad, Bosan Road, Multan, and Punjab

Contact Details: (061) 6523645

5. Learner’s Castle School Multan:

In 2013, Learners’ Castle School opened its door for students in Multan. LCS is an affordable school in Multan that started with only 12 students and has come a long way since its inception. Learners Castle is famous for Nurturing Curiosity and Inspiring Learning. LCS embraces a unique approach to education, fostering curiosity and a passion for learning. Focusing on comprehensive growth, the school is a hub of intellectual exploration. LCS is also among the top schools in Multan.

Admission: Learner’s Castle School Multan places value on a comprehensive admission process. This involves submitting a well-prepared application form, participating in an admission test, and often engaging in a personal interview to evaluate the student’s fit with the school’s ethos.

Fee Structure: The school’s affordable fee structure is thoughtfully designed, reflecting its dedication to providing a high-quality education. The fee varies based on the grade levels and the facilities offered.

Address: MDA Rd, Tariqabad Police Lines 1 Tariqabad, Multan, Punjab 

Contact Details: (061) 4581010


As you navigate the educational landscape in Multan, the listed best private and government schools in Multan shine as beacons of quality education, each with its unique approach to nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders. All these schools are the best in Multan, with affordable fee structures. By considering their distinctive admission procedures, fee structures, addresses, and contact details, you can choose the best school near you.

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