The selection of the best school in Rahim Yar Khan is a pivotal decision that sets the stage for a child’s educational journey and personal grooming. Rahimyarkhan is a city renowned for its educational diversity. It has many top private and government schools providing quality education and fostering holistic growth. Choose the most affordable school near you by looking at the fee structure, location, and qualifications offered.

List of 8 best schools in Rahim Yar Khan 

This article delves deeper into some of the best schools in Rahim Yar Khan, offering detailed insights into their admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

1. National Garrison Secondary School:

NGSS stands for National Garrison Secondary School.  This school is a beacon of academic excellence and character development.  “The institute ‘National Garrison Secondary School’ was established by Muhammad Yaseen Ramay in 1999 with the superior motto of ‘Deeds, not Words’. This school provides education from pre-nursery to class 10. This school is affiliated with BISE, which stands out for its excellent yearly results. With a strong commitment to cultivating responsible citizens, the school takes a holistic approach to education.

NGSS is one of the most famous schools in Rahim Yar Khan. Oxford International University awarded this school the Quality Education Award in the Multan Region. This school system has 3 campuses in RYK.

Admission: The school’s official website and campus are excellent sources of information for those seeking admission. 80% marks are required for the Entry test, and an interview is necessary for admission.

Fee Structure: Contacting the school administration directly is recommended for accurate fee structure details. 

Address: 3/A Satellite Town, Rahim Yar Khan,

Contact Details: (068) 5885525

2. Danish Public School:

Among the best schools in RYK, Daanish Schools offer free education to children from low-income families. According to reports, Shehbaz Sharif came up with the idea while serving as the Chief Minister of Punjab. This school system was established in 2010. Danish Public School is celebrated for its learner-centric approach that nurtures students academically and morally. This school is spread across 115 acres in Rahim Yar Khan. By integrating innovative teaching methodologies, the school fosters critical thinking and creativity. A total of 14 Danish public school campuses are present in Pakistan, of which 7 are for girls and 7 are for boys.

Admission: A minimum of 60% marks are required for admission to qualify for an interview.

 Fee Structure: Education is free in Danish schools. For more information, contact the campus near you.

Address: Basti Mud Gamn, Taranda, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab

 Contact Details:  (042) 99231740 Head office Phone Number

3. Allied School:

Mian Amer Mahmood is the founder of the allied school. Its 1000-plus branches are present in Pakistan. The Allied School RYK campus stands synonymous with quality education and character development. The school’s experienced faculty and well-designed curriculum prepare students for success.

Admission: The school campus and official website are reliable sources for detailed admission information.

Fee Structure: Fee ranges between 4000-10000, it varies from class to class.

Address:  Opposite town hall, model town RYK, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Details: (068) 5006330

4. Oxbridge School:

Oxbridge School and Colleges are among the best schools in Rahim Yar Khan for their results. OS & C is committed to nurturing academic excellence and personal growth. It also provides Cambridge education in RYK. By offering a comprehensive educational experience, the school equips students to face future challenges confidently.

Admission: Visit the school premises or the official website to learn about admission procedures.

Fee Structure: Direct inquiries about the fee structure to the school administration.

Address: Canal Rd, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab

Contact Details: (068) 5870924

5. Al Huda Public School:

Al Huda Public School is one of the best private schools in Rahim Yar Khan. Its commitment to character-building and academic excellence is well-known. The school aims to create responsible individuals who contribute positively to society.

Admission: Prospective students and parents can gather admission-related information from the school campus or official website.

Fee Structure: Seek fee structure details by contacting the school administration.

Address: Abu Dhabi Palace Road, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

Contact Details: (068) 5874625

6. House of Wisdom School:

House of Wisdom School nurtures a love for learning and personal growth. This top school in RYK offers a well-rounded education through a comprehensive curriculum and engaging extracurricular activities. It is one of the most affordable schools near you.

Admission: Admission inquiries can be directed to the school campus or official website.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for insights into the fee structure.

Address:  Saleem Shaheed Road, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab

Contact Details: 0336 8566400

7. Sheikh Zaid Public School:

The school has been associated with the respected name of His Highness SHEIKH ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL- NA. It is a private school established in 1989. Sheikh Zaid Public School strongly emphasizes academic excellence and character development and is listed among the best schools in Rahim Yar Khan. The school prepares students for success in various spheres of life.

Admission: Refer to the school campus or official website for admission information.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for information about the fee structure. The structure varies from person to person, so it is private.

Address: Canal Rd, Officers Colony Model Town, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab

Contact Details: (068) 5879011

8. Doctor Public School:

DPS stands for Doctor Public School. Doctor’s School strives to provide a balanced education that promotes academic achievement and personal growth. The school’s nurturing environment encourages students to explore their potential. DPS Institute values sustainability, innovation & excellent teaching services.

Admission: The school campus and official Facebook page are valuable resources for those interested in admissions. An online form is a must for enrollment to DPS.

Fee Structure: Seek fee structure details by directly contacting the school administration. Also, contact them to know the exact fee for O and A levels in Rahim Yar Khan.

Address: Behind Toyota Royal Motors Khan Pur Road, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

Contact Details: 068) 5872945


Rahim Yar Khan’s educational landscape is characterized by schools prioritizing academic excellence and holistic development. This article has provided a comprehensive look into some of the best schools in Rahim Yar Khan, offering insights into their admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

When selecting a top government or private school in RYK for your child, consider factors such as academic reputation, faculty expertise, extracurricular opportunities, and the school’s commitment to character education. Making an informed choice for a school can lay the foundation for your child’s bright educational future.

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