Fans of K-pop sensation Red Velvet are expressing their outrage at SM Entertainment, the group’s agency, through protest trucks parked at the company’s building. Their main grievances are the group’s scarce studio album releases and the agency’s lack of support for their activities and solo schedules.

A message was displayed on LED-lit trucks that reflected fans’ frustration. It read, “Only 2 studio albums 10 years after debuting?” 

Surprisingly, they have only released two studio albums. This is quite unusual, especially compared to other bands within their company; some, even their juniors, have already released their third or fourth albums.

Having debuted in 2014, Red Velvet has only two studio albums to their name, a stark contrast with other K-pop groups. Fans argue that SM Entertainment’s neglect leaves their beloved group in the dust. They demand more attention and support for the group’s career, as well as improved social media strategies for better award chances.

Moreover, fans have raised issues regarding the low quality of the group’s merchandise. The lightsticks, essential for K-pop concerts, have been criticized for their poor durability, with one reportedly breaking on stage. Fans demand an immediate renewal of these fan items.

Lastly, fans expressed frustration over the frequent out-of-stock situation with the group’s albums, especially during pre-order periods. This has sparked calls for better stock management to avoid delays and secure adequate albums for eager fans.


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