Amid the success of “Gadar 2” at the box office, director Anil Sharma’s statements about lead actress Ameesha Patel have been grabbing headlines.

 Ameesha reprises her role as Sakeena in the sequel to the 2001 blockbuster Gadar.” 

In an interview, Anil Sharma revealed that he initially had reservations about Ameesha Patel’s acting abilities, describing them as “weak.” However, he chose her for her appearance and the demeanor of a “rich girl.” 

Anil Sharma explained, “I was looking for an actress with a face as radiant as the moon. While her acting was a bit weak, she possessed the personality and attitude of a wealthy girl.

Anil Sharma also hinted at occasional difficulties arising from Ameesha’s attitude. He shared, “She comes from an affluent background, and her temperament reflects that. While she has a good heart, the mindset of someone from an elite family sometimes surfaces. We come from more humble backgrounds and believe in love and affection. She does too, but her demeanor sometimes takes a slightly offbeat route. Nonetheless, she’s a kind-hearted person.”

As the release of “Gadar 2″ approached, Ameesha Patel took to Twitter to address non-payment issues. 

She expressed that several crew members, including makeup artists and costume designers, did not receive their rightful compensation from Anil Sharma Productions. 

Ameesha’s tweets also praised Zee Studios for professionally resolving these payment discrepancies. She tweeted,Certain technicians didn’t receive their dues from Anil Sharma Productions. Yes, that happened.” Ameesha further mentioned, “Zee Studios intervened and ensured that all outstanding payments were settled, displaying their strong professionalism.”

Gadar 2, featuring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, has reached the box office collection of almost Rs. 465 crore till the third Monday after its release.

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