The much-anticipated Shah Rukh Khan starrer, “Jawan”, premiered on 7th Sep. Released in theatres worldwide on Thursday morning, “Jawan” became the latest victim of online piracy. 

Within hours of its release, pirated film versions of Jawan became available online on platforms, including Telegram and notorious torrent websites.

The piracy incident after the first release day has sparked outrage among the Bollywood community and Shah Rukh Khan’s vast fanbase. Many took to social media platforms, especially Twitter, to voice their concerns and share their “Jawan” reviews.

 A concerned fan tweeted, “Shah Rukh Khan, it’s heartbreaking to see ‘Jawan’ leaked so soon after its grand release. This could seriously dent its box office collection. Urgent action is needed.”

Another netizen tagged both Shah Rukh Khan and the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, questioning the efficacy of anti-piracy laws in India: “Despite stringent laws, why is online piracy still rampant? ‘Jawan’s’ leak is a testament to the challenges the film industry continues to face.”

This online Jawan leak issue underscores the persistent issue of online piracy that plagues the entertainment industry. It will surely impact the revenue streams for producers and artists and dampen the spirits of fans who prefer the authentic “Jawan” show experience in theatres.

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