Pakistan’s immensely popular TV series, “Kuch Ankahi,” aired its much-anticipated last episode on July 15, 2023, delivering a heart-warming conclusion that’s left fans both satisfied and somewhat melancholic.

The ARY Digital drama serial, lauded for its riveting narrative, deftly executed a blend of intricate family dynamics, hidden secrets, and the power of love. Directed by Nadeem Baig and produced by Six Sigma Plus Productions, “Kuch Ankahi” was written by Muhammad Ahmed, who also starred as the father in the drama.

The drama’s finale has tied up loose ends with emotional revelations and intense confrontations. Fans rejoiced at the happy ending for the characters of Salman and Aliya, played by Sheheryar Munawar and Sajal Aly, respectively. 

However, the conclusion was bittersweet, as many expressed sadness for Asfar, portrayed by Bilal Abbas, who was left alone.

Other performances that left a lasting impact were those of Phupo and Thanvi Sahab; characters viewers found both compelling and relatable. The ensemble cast, featuring established actors such as Babar Ali, Vaneeza Ahmed, and Asma Abbas, and rising talents like Adnan Samad Khan and Qudsiya Ali, received high praise for their exceptional performances.

“Kuch Ankahi” was lauded by fans as a ‘pure masterpiece’ that concluded beautifully without being unnecessarily drawn out. It was celebrated as a welcome deviation from other hyped-up shows, bringing a unique narrative and authenticity to Pakistani television. 

The successful conclusion of this series is a testament to the compelling storytelling and excellent performances that made “Kuch Ankahi” a must-watch drama.

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