Shoes have come a long way from being a simple necessity to becoming a symbol of style, status, and extravagance. For some purposes, shoes are something other than foot covers; they are wearable bits of craftsmanship that can order costs that rival the most sumptuous vehicles or lovely gems. Brand-conscious people always search for the most expensive shoe brands to make them look unique. The price tag of these pair of shoes is justified due to the premium quality and the comfort they offer.

Top 10 Most Costly Shoes on Earth

In this article, we’ll take a fascinating journey through the world of footwear and explore the 10 most expensive shoes ever created.

1. Stuart Weitzman

Rita Hayworth heels are the most expensive shoes of Stuart Weitzman, and the price of these shoes is 3 million dollars. The late actress Rita Hayworth was known for her timeless elegance, and Stuart Weitzman paid homage to her with these ruby-encrusted heels. The stunning pair features 1,100-carat Burmese rubies and was worn by Kathleen York at the 2006 Oscars. A true work of art for any shoe collector.

2. Harry Winstons

The Ruby slippers of Harry Winston’s brand are one of the most pricey shoes ever made, costing 3 million dollars. Inspired by Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz,” Harry Winston created a pair of dazzling heels adorned with 4,600 rubies totalling 1,350 carats. These extraordinary shoes are a fusion of fashion and fantasy.

3. Debbie Wingham

A British designer, Debbie Wingham, combined art, fashion, and luxury to create these exquisite high heels. These shoes boast a breathtaking array of pink and blue diamonds and hundreds of white diamonds. Wingham’s high heels truly redefine opulence. These high heels are the most expensive shoe, costing about 15 Million US $.

4. Kathryn Wilson’s 

Designed by New Zealand-based Kathryn Wilson, “The Passion Diamond Shoes” is a testament to extravagance. These shoes are crafted with white gold and adorned with hundreds of diamonds, symbolising luxury and elegance. The Passion Diamond Shoes cost about $17 Million.

5. Stuart Weitzman’s 

Stuart Weitzman makes a second appearance on our list with its “Cinderella Slippers.” These delicate heels are embellished with 565 Kwiat diamonds, making any wearer feel royalty. The cost of elite Cinderella Slippers is $2 Million.

6. Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers

This collaboration between Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers resulted in shoes featuring hundreds of diamonds. The Dubai skyline inspires the shoe’s design, a testament to the luxury associated with the city. Passion Diamond Shoes cost about $17 Million.

7. Debbie Wingham’s 

Debbie Wingham makes a second appearance with her “Moon Star Shoes.” These high heels feature a unique blend of pink, blue, and white diamonds, creating a celestial-inspired masterpiece. The Moon Star Shoes, which cost roughly $19.9 Million, are the world’s number one most expensive pair of shoes.

8. Jason Arasheben’s 

Designer Jason Arasheben collaborated with Tom Ford to create a pair of custom shoes adorned with 340 carats of diamonds. These shoes showcase the perfect marriage of fashion and luxury. This brand’s most expensive shoe name is Tom Ford Custom Shoes, and its price is  $2 Million.

9. Stuart Weitzman’s 

This brand’s shoes are among the most expensive shoes sold. The expensive shoe brand demonstrates its mastery in luxury footwear with “Tanzanite Heels.” 28 carats of diamonds and 185 carats of tanzanite gemstones are used to embellish these shoes, exemplifying elegance and extravagance. The price of Tanzanite Heels is $2 Million.

10. Kathryn Wilson’s 

Closing our list is Kathryn Wilson’s “The Diamond Shoe,” which features 21.18 carats of diamonds. While not as expensive as others, these popular shoes are a true luxury statement piece. The price of  Diamond Shoe is $418,450.


From Dorothy’s ruby slippers to contemporary creations that are more art than footwear, these top ten most costly shoes exemplify the fusion of fashion, luxury, and artistry. These ostentatious pieces prove that shoes can be more than just accessories; they can be wearable works of art that exhibit the height of richness and style. These shoes may be out of most people’s price range, but they serve as a reminder of the luxury and limitless innovation the fashion industry offers.


1. Who has the priciest pair of shoes ever?

The ‘Last Dance’ sneakers by Michael Jordan have surpassed all previous price records. The Air Jordan 13s that Michael Jordan wore in the 1998 NBA Finals brought in a record $2.2 million at Sotheby’s.

2. Does Air Jordan Belong to Nike?

The Nike, Inc. company makes the Air Jordan brand of basketball sneakers. Jordan Brand is the label for corresponding clothing and accessories. The “Jumpman” logo was developed using Michael Jordan’s silhouette as its model.

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