In a surprising twist to Bollywood’s anticipated project, Priyanka Chopra has unexpectedly walked out of Farhan Akhtar-directed “Jee Le Zara,” a highly anticipated film featuring leading ladies Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt. After a prolonged period of preparation and pre-production, the sudden exit of Chopra left the project’s future hanging in the balance.

Chopra’s exit is reportedly linked to her commitment to the sequel of the Amazon Prime series, “Citadel.” Despite a lukewarm critical response, “Citadel” has gained significant popularity on the digital platform, prompting the decision to renew it for a second season. Scheduling conflicts between “Jee Le Zara” and “Citadel 2” forced Priyanka Chopra to choose one. After careful consideration, she favored the digital series, which undoubtedly shocked fans and industry insiders.

A source close to the situation stated, “Priyanka had to choose between ‘Citadel 2’ and ‘Jee Le Zara’ as both projects were expected to be shot in the same time frame. After contemplating all aspects, she picked ‘Citadel 2.0’ over ‘Jee Le Zara.'”

With Priyanka Chopra now prioritizing her preparations for “Citadel 2,” which is expected to start shooting later this year for a late 2024 premiere, questions loom over the future of “Jee Le Zara.” The insider revealed, “Well, it’s indefinitely put on hold for now.”

Meanwhile, Farhan Akhtar will shift his focus towards his acting commitment with “Champions” and his upcoming directorial project, “Don 3,” starring Ranveer Singh. 

Despite the setback, the industry awaits how the “Jee Le Zara” situation will unfold and who will fill the void left by Priyanka Chopra.

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