With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the proverbial shutdown of society started. Every sector of the economy was hit, be it housing or banking. But the most burned-out sector was travel and tourism. Since everyone was self-quarantined, and employees had no compulsion to attend meetings, seminars, or workshops, the flying industry took a nose-dive.

Even before extensive vaccination, states allowed corporate travel. This helped companies to take care of their affairs with a restricted travel policy. With the delta variant lurking in our midst and travel restrictions as lenient as they could be, it is still risky to pack up your suits and go on a business tour.

Business Travel Safety Tips:

To keep you safe on your travels, we have compiled the business travel safety tips during COVID-19.

1. Get Vaccinated

The vaccination drive is at its zenith. It means everyone will get a shot eventually. But, if you are planning to travel, you need to get your immunization shots on a priority basis.  There are many options in vaccine manufacturers and countries often accept only a specific kind of dose for travelers.  So, get a shot of the prescribed vaccine before you move on to the next step in your travel preparation.

2. Air Tickets

Since you can book the airplane tickets from your computer, you do not need to leave your house for that.  Before you head to your favorite site and look for the best options, check the travel restrictions and guidelines from the Department of State website. There is a section designed specifically to give awareness to frequent travelers.

Since things are changing rapidly in this scenario, you need to stay on top of the latest updates. It means to keep in touch with your colleagues and travel agent to ensure that flights are on schedule and there is no bottleneck.

3. Travel Insurance

Your general health policy does not cover medical expenses, in case you contract the virus. To get an active cover against such costs, it is best to have travel insurance. If you arranged a flight before the hype, there are chances that your insurance will not cover the COVID-19 treatment expenses. To know more, it is best to go through your policy’s fine print.

To make sure you are covered against the virus, get one-off travel insurance. This can be bought any time after you purchase your ticket before you board your plane.  In order to save your money, you should check the boxes for “immediate cancellation” or “change of mind”. You can get a partial refund; in case you cancel your flight.

4. Air Travel

To keep yourself safe and those around you use disinfecting wipes or sanitizers with sixty to ninety-five percent alcohol and use them frequently. Before getting in touch with frequently-used surfaces, such as TVs, armrests, screens, etc., kill the germs with the weapon of your choice mentioned in the first point. While using toilets during flight or at the airports, be extra careful and sanitize your hands and surfaces you come in contact with.

5. Accommodation

These corporate travel safety tips will help you during your stay at a hotel. After checking into your room, the first thing you need to do is wash your hands thoroughly. According to experts, wash your hands with the soap of your choice for twenty seconds.

Using disinfectant wipes or using sanitizers on tissues, clean off all the lurking microorganisms around areas that are frequently used by residents. This includes electric switches, door handles, remote controls, and other fixtures and appliances around the bed and doors. To be on the absolutely safe side, it is best to carry your own bedding. Still, if you do not have your very own, ask the hotel staff to change the bed linen, pillowcases, and comforters. Make sure they open the packaging before your eyes and spread them in a cautious manner.

6. Personal Safety

Stats show that people touch their faces quite a lot. This can be a cause of the spread of the virus in your body. To avoid that, make sure you do not touch your face unless you need to. It is hard to avoid handshakes on corporate tours, as some say that is the essence of going on one. Still, make sure you refrain from getting your acquaintance’s hands in yours.

Use a mask while outdoors. If you are in a park or a vacant place where there is no one around, you can have some fresh air.  To lessen contact with contaminated surfaces, use credit cards or electronic modes of payment. This will ensure you do not end up with germs and viruses in your person. Maintain at least a six-foot distance from everyone, especially if someone looks sick, or sneezing or coughing. If you need to sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with a tissue or use your elbow.

It is not the same as before to pack up your bags and explore destinations while you are on a clock. You need to be steadfast in your dealings to ensure your safety and well-being and that of those around you.

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