Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has thrown a surprise curveball by taking a break from his usual yearly film releases. Reports indicate that his quest for exceptional scripts drives the actor’s decision.

Speculation arises as to whether the underwhelming box office performance of KKBKKJ/”Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan” is a significant factor behind Khan’s newfound scrutiny of scripts. With a lifetime collection of around 110 crores, the film’s lackluster reception has ignited the actor’s desire for more powerful and engaging narratives.

Insiders close to Khan reveal that despite receiving numerous offers, the actor finds himself without any confirmed projects—a rare occurrence in his 30-year career. However, a recent trip to the US seems to have reinforced Khan’s resolve to choose projects that offer depth and substance, often looking beyond his usual home productions.

All eyes eagerly await Salman Khan’s highly anticipated collaboration with fellow superstar Shah Rukh Khan in “Tiger vs Pathaan.” Scheduled to commence shooting in early 2024, this epic cinematic extravaganza has garnered immense excitement from fans and industry insiders alike, promising to be a defining moment in Indian cinema as the two icons unite on-screen.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan remains unimpressed with the scripts crossing his desk; speculation also suggests the possibility of Vishnu Vardhan’s film serving as a follow-up to “Tiger vs. Pathaan,” although official confirmation hinges on Salman Khan’s approval.

Salman Khan awaits Sooraj Barjatya’s narration for “Prem Ki Shaadi.” If the script is ready by July, production may start for a Diwali 2024 release in October.

Adding fuel to the buzzing rumor mill, whispers of a meeting between Salman Khan and “Bloody Daddy” director Ali Abbas Zafar have started circulating. However, any potential collaboration with Zafar is expected to materialize only after the completion of “Tiger vs. Pathaan,” as Salman Khan is yet to hear the director’s proposed subject.

With “Tiger vs. Pathaan” as his confirmed project, Salman Khan remains determined to choose projects that captivate and challenge him creatively. 

If no enticing opportunities arise, the superstar will dedicate his efforts to the Shah Rukh Khan collaboration, ensuring a lineup of captivating films ready to enthrall audiences by the end of 2024

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