Holding relationships with selfish individuals can be challenging. These people often prioritize their own interests over others. They are self-centered therefore dealing with them could be very draining and unfulfilling. To offer insight and possibly a fresh perspective on handling such relationships, this blog has several thought-provoking quotes about selfishness.

Famous Quotes About Selfish People

Some of the famous and inspiring quotes about “Selfish People” are listed below:

  1. “Selfish people are like clouds; when they vanish, the day gets brighter.”
  2. “A selfish heart draws a lonely map.”
  3. “They climb by stepping on others, forgetting the ground is common.”
  4. “Selfishness is a mirror that only shows the face it wants to see.”
  5. “Sharing with a selfish person is like giving a gift to a black hole.”
  6. “A selfish person’s favorite path is a circle around themselves.”
  7. “To a selfish person, the world is a stage, but they’re the only actor.”
  8. “Selfishness plants seeds of loneliness in a garden of friends.”
  9. “They use ‘I’ so much, they lose the ‘we’.”
  10. “A selfish person’s ears only pick up their own voice.”
  11. “Selfishness builds walls instead of bridges.”
  12. “In the dictionary of the selfish, ‘give’ is always misspelled as ‘take’.”
  13. “A selfish man’s wallet is full, but his heart is empty.”
  14. “The selfish feed their hunger by starving others of kindness.”
  15. “Selfishness grows in a desert where there could be a forest.”
  16. “Selfish people are like bad batteries, never part of the current flow.”
  17. “They think they’re the sun, but forget they’re one of many stars.”
  18. “A selfish soul sails alone on a vast sea of people.”
  19. “The company of a selfish person is a solo journey with a crowd of one.”
  20. “Selfish folks trim their sails with the fabric of other’s peace.”


It’s okay to look after yourself, but if someone only ever thinks about what they want and ignores what others need, they’re being selfish. Nobody really likes to hang out with selfish people because they make you feel like you’re invisible. To figure out how to deal with selfish people, the above quotes will be a great help for you.

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