Solar bollard lights are used for lighting outdoor places and decorating the landscape. They are very easy to install and are quite inexpensive compared to traditional lighting bollard options. They also make a positive impact on your monthly electricity bill.

The market for solar energy is growing at a rapid pace. With the growth in this sector, technological advancements have given rise to product innovation, which has made it possible for customers to have varied options to choose from. Solar energy is free of cost as the sun is giving out its rays and energy without any cost. Hence, we can make use of this free energy for accomplishing different tasks.

There are many different types of solar lights. They offer different levels of quality, innovation, and usage.

Some Important Facts about Solar Lights

Working Principles of Solar Lights

The working principles of solar lighting are very simple. They simply take radiation from the sun, transform it into light energy, store the energy in batteries and then utilize it when needed. The more the number of panels and batteries, the more time you can go without the need to recharge the batteries. However, there are regions of the world where the sun is not present at most times of the year. The solar lights can work there as well with the help of large lithium batteries.

Power Storage Requirements

Power storage is essential to make solar lights work more efficiently and effectively. When the sun goes out at night, then the power storage starts its work. Power storage helps to store the sun’s energy in the daytime so that it can be utilized at night when the sun is not there.

Temperature Requirements and Climate Suitability

Some climates have a harsh effect on outdoor solar lights. Moisture as well as hot and cold weather have different effects on different types of batteries and solar cells.

For this purpose, special batteries are available that are designed to tolerate hot and cold temperatures or extreme climates.

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Usage of Solar Light Bollards

Some of the most important uses of solar bollard lights are given below.

  1. They are used to illuminate pathways at night. This could be a pathway along the roadside or in the parks. It helps people to show the way in the dark and to show people where to walk and where not.
  2. Solar light bollards are also used along the driveways. They help to lighten up the driveway so that you can easily park your car even at night. This can also help to save your lawn and plants as you will easily park the car at the right place and the chances of getting into the lawn accidentally in the dark are significantly reduced.
  3. Many buildings make use of solar light bollards at the entrance points of a building or office. It helps people to recognize a particular place easily.  

Pros and Cons of Solar Bollard Lights

Solar light bollards are a beneficial addition in both bollards and solar lighting worlds. It is a very inexpensive and efficient solution to many problems. However, every product has some drawbacks as well. Some of the advantages and drawbacks are listed below for your better understanding.

Advantages of Solar Bollard Lights


1- Save a lot with Solar

Solar lighting is the best option when it comes to bollards. Bollards are an important part of any property or building. They are placed to restrict unauthorized access and also for the guidance of visitors and incoming traffic. However, the best use of solar light bollards is at night time when it is dark outside. It implies that you want this lighted bollard to work all night till dawn. This can be a cause of the excessive increase in your monthly electricity bills.

However, if you are using solar energy to light these bollards, then you can save a lot of money instead of paying extra money for utility bills. Solar energy helps you save greatly by charging the lights during the day and utilizing them at night. It reduces your monthly electricity bills to a great extent.

2- Eco-Friendly

Solar bollard lights are eco-friendly because they run on solar energy, not electricity. Solar energy emits very less carbon into the air. Electric bollards leave a significant carbon footprint, which is very harmful to our environment. That is why solar energy bollards are a better option than electrically lighted bollards. They help to keep our environment safe for future generations. Moreover, keeping in view the current environmental concerns all around the world, solar is considered to be the only solution if we want to save our world and our environment.

3- Durable and Long Lasting

Solar-lighted bollards are made of durable materials that can last longer as compared to their conventional counterparts. However, there are many options available in the market when it comes to solar bollards. You should be careful while selecting and ensure that it is of good quality so that it can last longer and give you service for a longer time. Most of the solar-lighted bollards are made of die-cast aluminum so that they can withstand collisions or extreme weather conditions etc. There are some options also available made of low copper aluminum with durable powder-coated materials to withstand certain harsh conditions.

4- No Harm to the Landscape

Solar bollards are designed to have an integrated solar panel inside the bollard. This means there is no need to dig down or excavate the ground for installing security bollards because they do not need to be connected to the wires and grid stations rather they are self-sufficient. That is why they do not pose any harm to the landscape.

5- Advanced Technology

Solar-lighted bollards use an advanced technology which is why they are more efficient. For example, they use sensor technology that dims or brightens automatically after sensing the surrounding lighting conditions. Moreover, they also offer optimal lighting technology which means that the intensity of light can also be changed according to the area and environment.

Disadvantages of Solar Light Bollards


1- They are Expensive

We know that solar-lighted bollards have many benefits, however, this fact can not be ignored in that they are expensive compared to simple electric-lighted bollards. The batteries, wiring, panels, and other requirements for a solar-lighted bollard make it much more expensive than its competing options.

2- Clouds can Mess with the Setup

Solar-lighted bollards cannot work as efficiently in areas with less sunny days. The presence of clouds affects the efficiency and working of solar bollards to a great extent. However, this problem could be solved by the use of extra batteries to save as much power as possible when the sun shows up.  

Concluding Comments

It is evident from this article that solar-lighted bollards have a lot more benefits than drawbacks. Therefore, it is a great option to consider not only because it saves cost on electricity bills but also due to its efficiency and effectiveness level.

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