The eagerly anticipated Shah Rukh Khan movie, “Jawan,” has taken the overseas box office by storm even before its release, signaling a potential record-breaking performance during booking.

The trailer gave viewers a glimpse of SRK’s transformation into a formidable character, and it appears he’s set to dominate the box office.

In the US and UK, Jawan’s booking has been exceptional. The film has sold over 26,000 tickets worth $400,000 in the US, surpassing the performance of SRK’s previous release, “Pathaan.”

It’s poised to deliver a massive opening in the UK as well, with pre-sales reaching an estimated gross of £115,000. “Jawan” is on track to surpass “Pathaan’s” opening day figures in the UK.

Trade analyst Nishit Shaw suggests that “Jawan” might become the first Bollywood film to achieve a remarkable $5 million+ collection as its overseas box office opening, despite its release falling outside of a festival period.

In the US, “Jawan” sold tickets worth $401,755 for more than 2000 shows on its opening day. With four days remaining until the film’s release, Shah Rukh Khan seems determined to break his records, fulfilling the promise of becoming a cinematic force with “Jawan.”

The surge in advance Jawan booking after the release of the film’s trailer underscores the anticipation among audiences to witness SRK’s powerful and raw portrayal on screen. Directed by Atlee, “Jawan” features Shah Rukh Khan in a dual role and stars Deepika Padukone, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, and Nayanthara in a special appearance.

The buzz surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan” continues to grow as fans eagerly await the film’s release. With such remarkable booking numbers in the US and UK, it’s evident that SRK’s messy and raw avatar on screen is a major draw.

Expectations are soaring as the countdown to the film’s release continues, and the anticipation for “Jawan” becoming a box office powerhouse is palpable among fans and industry insiders.

The film has already broken many records and is set to release on 7th Sep 2023, with all the slots already booked.

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