Several of the best universities in Gujrat stand out for their commitment to academic excellence and support for student success. They provide various options at graduate and post-graduate levels for a prosperous future. These universities play a key role in shaping the careers of students through innovative and advanced learning methods.

List of the 5 Best Universities in Gujrat

Some of the famous universities in Gujrat with their offered programs and contact details are:

  1. University of Gujrat
  2. Govt. Swedish Pakistani College of Technology
  3. Gujrat Institute of Management and Sciences
  4. University of Chenab
  5. National College of Business Administration & Economics

University of Gujrat

Established in 2003, The University of Gujrat is the best public university in the region. UOG is famous for its dedication to providing students with a well-rounded educational experience, offering a wide range of academic programs. The university has built a reputation for itself as a thriving center for knowledge, research and innovation due to its diverse and vibrant learning environment.

Programs Offered: The University of Gujrat offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines. These programs may include:

  • Social Sciences
  • Computing and information technology
  • Management and administrative sciences
  • Architecture, Design, and Fine arts
  • Engineering
  • Commerce 

Admission Process: Interested candidates should check the UOG website for admission announcements and submit an online application through the university’s admission portal. 

Fee Structure: The fee structure at the University of Gujrat can vary based on the level of the program. It is advisable to visit the official website of UOG or contact the university directly for detailed information on the fee structure.

Contact Details:

Phone: (053) 3643112


Location: Hafiz Hayat Campus, Jalalpur Jattan Road, Gujrat

Govt. Swedish Pakistani College of Technology, Gujrat

Swedish Pakistani College of Technology was established in 1964 with the collaboration of the Royal Swedish Government. It is considered the best government university in Gujrat to provide educational programs that promote student achievement and foster knowledge, wisdom and personal growth.

Programs Offered: GSPCT is famous in Gujrat mostly for technical programs. It offers BSc in mechanical and electrical engineering technology with affiliation from UET and DAE in the following subjects:

  • Electronics
  • Automation
  • Mechanics
  • Biomedical
  • Metallurgy and welding
  • Foundry and instrumentation

Admission Process: To apply to GSPCT, get the application form from the college. BSc applicants must have ECAT scores and a minimum 50% aggregate is required for eligibility. 

Fee Structure: The fee structure for BSc at MET is highly affordable, approximately 14,000 PKR per semester. The Fees for diploma programs vary and are available on the website.

Contact Details:

Phone: (053) 3724795

Email: N/A

Location: Service More, Rehman Shaheed Road, Gujrat

Gujrat Institute of Management and Sciences

Gujrat Institute of Management Sciences is the top university in Gujrat that provides an excellent educational environment for students to nurture critical thinking and promote modern technology. Their goal is to provide affordable and quality education for research and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Programs Offered: GIMS offers a wide range of Bachelor programs under the affiliation with PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.

GIMS offers the following BS programs:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology

Admission Process: Candidates can apply online and can get the admission form directly from the college.

Fee Structure: GIMS offers a variable fee structure for each bachelor’s program, ranging from approximately 70,000 to 80,000 PKR per semester. The institute also provides merit-based, kinship-based, and staff-son scholarships for students with a previous marks percentage above 75%.

Contact Details:

Phone: (053) 3530700


Location: Behind Musa Petroleum, Kalra Khasa, GT Road Gujrat

University of Chenab, Gujrat

The University of Chenab inspires the young generation to drive innovative ideas that contribute to the betterment of society. It is among the top-ranked universities in Gujrat with the mission to equip professionals with the highest standards in creativity and the application of knowledge to address contemporary challenges.

Programs Offered: The University of Chenab is currently offering various undergraduate, postgraduate and associate degree programs under the following faculties:

  • Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Business Education
  • Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Science and Information Technology

Admission Process: Candidates who are eligible for their respective courses can apply online through the official website. Candidates have to pass an on-campus test on a given date and time for enrolment.

Fee Structure: The University of Chenab (UOC) offers varying fees for each program. You can explore the available scholarships on its website.

Contact Details:

Phone: (053) 3589612, (053) 3589613  


Location: G.T. Road, adjacent to Chenab Bridge, Gujrat

National College of Business Administration & Economics, Gujrat

National College of Business Administration and Economics was founded in 1994 as a private institute. It is a famous university in Gujrat due to its excellence in teaching, learning and research collaboration. NCBA&E provides cutting-edge educational resources and facilities for quality assurance and student facilitation.

Programs Offered: The institute offers multiple undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in:

  • Business Administration
  • Natural Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities  

Admission Process: NCBA&E offers admissions twice a year for the Spring and Fall semesters. Students can get the admission form from the admission office or apply online via the website. The Institute also conducts an entry test for business and computer science degrees.

Fee Structure: The fee structure at NCBA&E is program-specific and varies based on the level of study. Detailed fee information for each program is available on the website. The university also offers scholarships and financial aid based on CGPA. 

Contact Details:

Phone: 0300 4503615


Location: Natt Rd, Gorali, Gujrat


These best universities in Gujrat contribute to equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful life ahead. They offer affordable programs at the bachelor, master’s and doctoral levels to empower and inspire the next generation of professionals and leaders.


Is the University of Chenab private or government?

The University of Chenab in Gujrat was established in the private sector and is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

How many marks are required for admission to UOG?

Undergraduate admissions in the Faculty of Arts and Management Sciences require a minimum of 45% marks, while the Faculty of Computer Sciences requires a minimum of 50% marks for admission.

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