Numerous of the best universities in Sialkot offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. They offer quality education at affordable fees at undergraduate and graduate levels. Many universities in Sialkot are top-ranked all over Pakistan based on their experienced faculty members and results.

List of Top Universities in Sialkot

Some of the famous universities in Sialkot with their degree programs, fee structure, addresses, and contact numbers are listed below.

University of Sialkot (USKT)

The University of Sialkot (USKT) is the best private institution in Sialkot. The university was established in 2018 and offers a wide range of academic disciplines. The university has a total of eight faculties. USKT operates under the University of Sialkot Act (IX) of 2018. It is dedicated to providing higher education in areas such as Computing & IT, Engineering & Architecture, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law, Management, Textile & Fashion Design, Sciences, and Allied Health Sciences.

Currently, USKT serves approximately 10,000 students, which makes it one of the most famous universities in Sialkot. Additionally, the Center for Extended Learning at the University of Sialkot serves as a valuable platform for business executives, managers, professionals, and students. 

  • Admission Criteria: Admission is strictly provided on an open merit basis. 
  • Programs Offered: Undergraduate, Post Graduate Programs 
  • Fee Structure: The fee is affordable, starting from PKR 75000/- per semester. It varies according to varying degree programs. 
  • Address: 1-Km Main, Daska Rd, Sialkot.
  • Contact:  (052) 3575518

University of Management & Technology, Sialkot Campus

UMT is a project under the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Trust. It was established in 1990 with a primary aim to elevate both individual and organizational effectiveness. With time, the university has grown into a highly respected institution for higher education in the country. It is Recognized with the highest ‘W4’ category ranking by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) making it one of the best universities in Sialkot. UMT offers an extensive array of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs across more than 150 fields of study. It is a private-sector institute. 

Currently, UMT has thirteen schools and four institutes, each contributing significantly to its diverse academic offerings. Of special note is UMT’s pioneering effort in launching the South Asian Triple Helix Association (THA) Chapter, spanning countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

  • Admission Criteria: Submit an online application form. After submission, you will be informed about the next step. 
  • Programs Offered:  ADP, BS, MBA, MS, PhD
  • Fee Structure: The fees are high starting from PKR 365,000/- per year. The fee varies according to the degree programs.
  • Address: 21-A, Small Industrial Estate, Shahabpura Road, Sialkot.
  • Contact: 052 3241801-7.

Government College Women University, Sialkot

At GCWUS, the management holds a steadfast commitment to academic excellence and unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest teaching standards and discipline. Graduates from GCWUS go on to assume prominent roles in moral, intellectual, and professional leadership across various sectors of the nation. It is a government sector institute and one of the top universities in Sialkot.

Government College Women’s University, Sialkot, has achieved a remarkable ranking in HEC. In the 2021 ‘Times Higher Education World University Rankings,’ GCWUS secured the 5th position among women’s universities in Pakistan and an impressive 29th overall position in the country.

  • Admission Criteria: an application form is available online. After submitting the form, you have to wait for the merit list.
  • Programs Offered: BS, MS, MPhil, PhD
  • Fee Structure: The fee is very economical, starting from PKR 25000/- per semester.
  • Address: Kutchery Road, Sialkot.
  • Contact:  (052) 9250170

Foundation University, Sialkot Campus

Foundation University, Sialkot Campus (FUSC) is a private institute with the proud initiative of the Fauji Foundation. All the programs offered at FUSC are approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The institute is dedicated to developing collaborative partnerships with other universities, industries, and the corporate sector, which ranks it among one of the best universities in Sialkot.

The Sialkot campus has a team of highly skilled faculty members. The facilities on the campus include digital libraries, video conferencing facilities, medical services, laboratories, and student centers.

FUSC prioritizes career counseling and promotes active involvement in extracurricular activities. FUSC is committed to producing valuable human resources that benefit both local and global communities.

  • Admission Criteria: At Least 50% marks in the previous degree are required. Then, an application form is submitted. 
  • Programs Offered: BS, BBA, MS, MBA, PhD
  • Fee Structure: The fees are a bit expensive, starting from PKR 115000/- per year.
  • Address: Daska Rd, Pakki Kotli, Sialkot.
  • Contact:  (052) 3574851

Allama Iqbal Open University, Sialkot Campus

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is an excellent university in Sialkot with a robust academic structure at its core, comprising Faculties, Teaching Departments, and Institutes. These academic components are complemented by administrative and servicing departments. 

Over the years, AIOU has not just fulfilled its promise but emerged as a pioneer in making education accessible. A standout accomplishment of the top university is its unwavering commitment to extending education to the remotest corners of Pakistan, ensuring inclusivity for all. 

  • Admission Criteria: You have to submit an application form after carefully studying the eligibility criteria for the program you choose. 
  • Programs Offered: SSC, BS, MS, MPhil, PhD
  • Fee Structure: The fee is affordable, ranging from PKR 8000/– per semester.
  • Address: 316 Haji Pura Rd, Sharif Park Hajipura, Sialkot.
  • Contact:  (052) 3241300

Islamic University of Pakistan, Sialkot Campus

This university has the largest student enrollment in the country, making it a high-ranking university in Sialkot. It is a private-sector university and a hub of educational opportunities. Offering world-class education at an affordable cost, it brings quality learning to your doorstep. You can easily access the nearest regional campus/office to obtain the prospectus and admission form for your desired program. This university stands out with its incredibly low fee structure compared to other institutions in the country.

  • Admission Criteria: Submit an application form and wait for the merit list. 
  • Programs Offered: BA, BS, BTech,,, MBA
  • Fee Structure: The fee is very low, starting from 18000/- per semester.
  • Address: Islamic University of Pakistan, Chenab Rangers Rd, Langeriali, Sialkot.
  • Contact: (052) 6930755


The universities mentioned above are some of the best in Sialkot based on their ranking and quality of education. They have various facilities to cater to the educational needs of residents of Sialkot and from other parts of the country as well. They have a team of expert faculty members to make the institutes excel in education and other learning activities. 

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