Mumbai bid farewell to a beloved figure in the world of cinema as veteran actor Seema Deo, renowned for her exceptional performances in films like “Anand” and “Kora Kagaz,” peacefully departed on Thursday morning due to age-related ailments.

The news was confirmed by her filmmaker son Abhinay Deo. Seema Deo, who graced both Hindi and Marathi screens with her talent, was 83 at the time of her passing. She breathed her last in the comfort of her Bandra residence, her abode for many years.

Seema’s legacy is etched in the film archives, with famous Lifetime Crossings in over 80 films. From inspiring dramas to heartwarming comedies, his versatile performances have won the hearts of moviegoers. She was essential to the business, adding to his imaginative embroidery artwork.

The veteran entertainer’s final years were punctuated by a battle with Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that slowly consumed him for more than three years.

Seema’s son shared the sad news that her battle with Alzheimer’s has led to a steady decline in her health. He mentioned, “Alzheimer’s is something you stop understanding how to function. She had dementia leading up to Alzheimer’s, and she had it for three years.

The severe nature of Alzheimer’s became clear in Seema Deo’s case when she became withdrawn from the world, suffering from blurred memories and lost moments.

Abhine Deo also shared insights about travel, noting that Alzheimer’s and dementia gradually erode basic abilities, even affecting physical abilities. “Muscle memory begins to wane and the organs begin to shut down one by one,” he explained.

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