In this century, because of technological advancements, we are making progress in every field of life. Electric cars are no exception. These advancements are resulting in environmental changes. These environmental changes have led to global warming. Countries that have cold weather are getting warmer and warmer countries are observing snow falls once in the season. 

Do you know why? It is because of the emissions that are blown out of the cars.  To minimize the impact of these emissions, scientists are looking for ways to mitigate climate change. By their research, they concluded that the greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide, aerosols, and nitrous oxide are exposing the planet to health hazards.

 According to the report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC,  14% of gas is released by automobile vehicles. To your surprise, 72% of the CO2 emissions are blown by gas cars and only 10% are blown by airplanes.  Thus to combat this solution many governments are investing in the manufacturing of electric cars. As we all know that all the countries are not sufficient in technology. Therefore parts of these cars are manufactured in one country and assembled in other countries. To streamline the manufacturing of electric cars, you must go for manufacturing translation services.

Are Electric Cars Better Than Gas Cars

Let’s find out the differences between conventional thermal cars and electric cars. This difference is all about transforming the potential energy to kinetic energy. In gas cars, this energy is present in a chemical form and it is blown out by the chemical reaction that takes place inside the engine. 

On the contrary, in electric cars, lithium-ion batteries are used electrochemically without indulging in any type of combustion. Thus electric cars do not burn fuel and create no air pollution with CO2 that is consumed during driving. So they are more efficient than gas cars. Here the question can come to your mind whether electric cars and vehicles are greeners or not.

A greenhouse gas is capable of absorbing infrared radiation, thereby trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is known as the greenhouse effect and ultimately leads to global warming. CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  In cars, if the source of energy comes from wind turbines, solar panels, and if from hydroelectric or nuclear panels then they will release CO2 much more. For instance, if the electricity used in cars is utilized from the burning of fossil fuels then the electric cars will not pollute the air because such pollution is already released through some power plants. This shows that if you are driving the car in the US using fossil fuels then it will generate more CO2 into the atmosphere than driving the car in Norway where you utilize energy from geothermal, solar, and hydro energy. 

According to the forecasts by UE28, the EU grid mix will be 200GCO2 eq/km in 2030 and will be enhanced to  80GCO2 eq/km in 2050. Environmental pollution is a great threat to human health. So let’s assume that if electric cars are 100% powered by clean energy, then they blow zero emissions.

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Impact of Electric Cars on Environment

According to research, electric cars can mitigate environmental pollution. They release fewer greenhouse gases and air pollution than diesel and petrol cars. Therefore many developed countries are manufacturing electric cars and to cut their cost they hire cheap labor from developing countries. Therefore, for effective communication, global companies go for manufacturing translation services. Moreover, they consider electricity generation to keep them working.

How Beneficial is the Electric Car for the Environment

One of the major benefits of electric cars is that they improve the air quality of our cities and towns. There is no tailpipe in electric cars that emits carbon dioxide while you are on the go. This helps to reduce environmental pollution considerably.  In simple words, electric cars make the environment clean for cyclists and pedestrians and they can breathe in the fresh air. Did you know that one electric car on the road will save up to 1.5 million CO2? This is equal to four return flights from Barcelona to London.

The emergence of Electric Cars in the UK

In the UK, road transport is responsible for half of the country’s air pollution. Therefore, the UK government and local councils want to see the number of electric cars on the roads. According to them, they will ban gas cars on the road by 2040. Moreover, the UK government is also aiming to reduce carbon in the air by 2050. This electric car will play a significant role.

Apart from air pollution, electric cars also help to reduce noise pollution, particularly where speeds are very slow. Do you know that electric cars are quieter than gas cars? Thus they create a calm and peaceful environment.

Does the Production of Electric Cars Affect the Environment?

A lot of energy is required in the manufacturing of electric cars. Even if you remove the battery part still then the electric cars are considered a greener option because it mitigates the emissions that are released in the life span of the car. The emissions that are released during the production of an electric car are much higher than the production of a conventional car. This is because of the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries that are a vital part of the electric car.  The CO2 emissions that arise from the car are the energy that is used to manufacture the car itself.  

Because of the emergence of electric cars, the reusing and recycling of the batteries market are also at their peak. They have also been used in restoring the shortage of electricity

 Electricity Required to Fuel an Electric Car

According to research by the European Energy Agency, in the process of electricity generation, the carbon released by electric cars is around 17%  to 13%  which is less than driving diesel and petrol cars. Moreover, the emissions from electricity generation are also lessened because low-carbon electricity is used.

Wrapping Up

We all witness fog and now smog because of environmental pollution.  This has caused many ailments of breathing. Gas cars pollute the air whereas electric cars mitigate air pollution. The need of the hour is to adopt this technological advancement in the form of electric cars and breath in non-polluted air.

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