Peshawar boasts a rich landscape, with ice cream as its sweet highlight. Locals and visitors flock to the city’s best ice cream parlors as temperatures soar. From unique flavors to timeless classics, Peshawar offers an ice cream experience that’s both affordable and unparalleled. As the demand grows, so do job opportunities, making it a melting pot of taste and commerce. Dive into Peshawar’s top ice cream spots for a delectable treat.

Top Ice Cream Places in Peshawar

You can find different places that offer delicious and best ice cream in Peshawar. Discover Peshawar’s best scoop shops:

Tehzeeb Bakers Ice Cream

Tehzeeb Bakers is a well-known bakery chain in Peshawar, Pakistan, that offers a variety of baked goods, confectionery items, and ice cream.

Tehzeeb Bakers are popular because of their low ice cream price and huge variety. Whether you want something sweet, a snack, or ice cream, they have it. People like Tehzeeb Bakers because they always have tasty food and many choices. That is why it is considered to be among the top ice cream places in Peshawar.

Tehzeeb Bakers is popular for its ice cream selection, offering a variety of flavors to choose from.

  • Location: It is located on the main university road, Tehkal. Also, they have multiple branches across Peshawar.
  • Highlights: They are known for their baked goods and ice cream. Tehzeeb Bakers offers a wide variety of flavors and desserts. They’re a popular choice for families and individuals looking for sweet treats.

Bilal Ice Cream Shop

Bilal Ice Cream is a famous place where people enjoy tasty ice cream. People like it because they make ice cream flavors that remind them of good memories. The ice cream there is super creamy and yummy. 

People like Bilal Ice Cream because they’ve been making tasty ice cream for a long time, and that too at affordable rates. People trust them for good quality.

  • Location: Warsak Road near Babu Gari Stop. Bilal Ice Cream has multiple branches across Peshawar, making it accessible to residents in different city areas.
  • Highlights: Bilal Ice Cream is a local favorite for its traditional flavors. It’s been serving the community for years, offering a taste of nostalgia with its classic flavors.

La Farine Bakery & Ice Cream in Peshawar

La Farine is a famous bakery making yummy bread, cakes, and sweets. And guess what? They also have delicious ice cream! So, you can enjoy both bakery treats and ice cream at La Farine.

  • Location: It is located in Hayatabad, Peshawar. La Farine has multiple branches across Peshawar, making it accessible to residents in different parts of the city.
  • Highlights: La Farine is a bakery and patisserie that offers a range of baked goods, pastries, and desserts, including ice cream. It’s a cozy place to enjoy sweet treats and frozen delights.

Dilpasand Ice Cream Spot 

Dilpasand Bakery is a famous bakery in Peshawar, Pakistan. They make yummy cakes, pastries, cookies, and more. People love their special ice cream, too. So, if you want tasty bakery stuff and ice cream, you should visit Dilpasand Bakery. Dilpasand Bakery is particularly famous for its delicious and soft ice cream.

  • Location: It is in Shinwari Plaza, Jamrud Road, Karkhano Bazar. They have various branches across Peshawar.
  • Highlights: Dilpasand Ice Cream is known for its rich and creamy flavors. They have a diverse menu of ice cream options, from traditional to unique flavors, catering to different preferences.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is a famous ice cream shop in Peshawar. They have many different flavors of ice cream, even some unusual ones. You can try a new flavor daily because they have 31.

People love going there with their families or friends to celebrate or enjoy a sweet treat. It’s a popular place for ice cream lovers.

  • Location: It is located at Tehkal Road, Peshawar. They have multiple branches across Peshawar.
  • Highlights: Baskin Robbins is an international chain known for its wide variety of ice cream flavors and creative combinations. It’s a popular destination for ice cream enthusiasts looking for diverse options.


You can get some of the famous ice cream at places like Bilal Ice Cream and Dilpasand Bakery with classic flavors in Peshawar. People visit ice cream shops to beat the hot weather, enjoy time with family and friends, and try delicious ice cream flavors. These ice cream spots are really popular and loved by the people of KPK.

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