Choosing the best sweets for birthday celebrations, eid, and weddings is a difficult task. Known for its traditional sweets, Multan is exceptional and takes the world of sweets to a new level. These best mithai shops in Multan are the places that suit your budget and also excite your taste buds.

List of 5 best Mithai shops in Multan

Top sweet shops in Multan have become synonymous with the irresistible taste and tradition of Multani sweets.

1. Rewari Sweet Mart

Rewari Sweet Mart, an iconic establishment in Multan, has been enchanting locals and visitors alike with its delectable array of traditional sweets. Established decades ago, this sweet haven has successfully blended age-old recipes with a contemporary touch, offering a delightful fusion of flavors. From the moment you step into Rewari Sweet Mart, the aroma of fresh ghee and aromatic spices envelops you, setting the stage for an unparalleled sweet experience.

Offerings: It is one of the oldest sweet shops in Multan. Specializing in Rewari, a traditional sweet made from jaggery and sesame seeds, Rewari Sweet Mart also boasts an extensive menu featuring Multani Sohan Halwa, Barfi, Patisa and a variety of mouthwatering ladoos. Customized gift boxes for special occasions are also available, making it a go-to destination for celebrations.

Location: Chowk, Hussain Agahi Rd, Multan, Punjab

Open Hours: The best sweet shop in Multan opens its doors early in the morning, welcoming patrons from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, ensuring that sweet cravings can be satisfied throughout the day.

Contact: +92 61 12 34 56 7

Rating: The Google rating of Rewari Sweet Mart is 4.5 stars.

2. Sohail Rewari Sweets

Sohail Rewari Sweets is renowned for its commitment to quality ingredients and time-tested recipes. This sweet shop has carved a niche in Multan’s culinary landscape. The ambience at Sohail Rewari Sweets exudes a sense of nostalgia, inviting patrons to savor the authentic taste of Multani sweets in a setting that honors tradition.

Offerings: Sohail Rewari Sweets offers an extensive selection of traditional sweets, including Patisa, Qalaqand, and Balushahi. Their commitment to quality is reflected in every bite, making it a favorite among those who appreciate the authentic taste of Multani sweets.

Location: Rasheed Abad, Multan, Pakistan

Rating: The Google rating of Sohail Rewari Sweets is 3.9 stars.

Open Hours: The best Mithai shop in Multan opens at 9:00 AM and continues to serve sweetness until 11:00 PM, ensuring that sweet lovers can satisfy their cravings anytime.

Contact: +92 61 76 54 32 1.

3. New Ahmad Rewari Sweets & Bakers

New Ahmad Rewari Sweets & Bakers, a relatively new entrant in Multan’s sweet scene, has quickly garnered a reputation for its innovative approach to traditional sweets. This best sweet shop in Multan seamlessly blends the old with the new, presenting a compelling range of sweets that cater to evolving palates while maintaining the essence of Multani culinary heritage.

Offerings: Known for its fusion sweets like Nutella Jalebi and Pista Cream Roll, New Ahmad Rewari Sweets & Bakers adds a contemporary twist to traditional favourites. The shop also offers diverse baked goods, making it a one-stop destination for those with a sweet tooth.

Location: Nawabpur Road, Multan, Punjab

Open Hours: This top sweet shop in Multan opens early at 7:00 AM, providing a delightful start to the day, and continues to serve until 10:00 PM.

Rating: The Google rating of New Ahmed Rewari Sweets is 5 stars.

Contact: +92 61 98 76 54 3

4. Nirala Sweets

Nirala Sweets is an institution in Multan’s culinary landscape. It is a very famous mithai shop in Multan. It has been enchanting generations with its commitment to quality and a diverse menu that caters to every sweet craving imaginable. Nirala Sweets has become a household name known for consistently delivering unmatched sweetness.

Offerings: From the signature Multani Sohan Halwa to the melt-in-the-mouth Rasgullas, Nirala Sweets takes pride in its extensive range of traditional sweets. The shop also offers a variety of chaats and snacks for those looking to balance their sweet indulgence with savoury delights.

Location: Multiple Branches in Multan, Nusrat Road, Adali Colony, Multan, Punjab, Shop # 1 Hasan Arcade

Open Hours: Nirala Sweets opens its doors early at 7:30 AM, welcoming sweet enthusiasts until 11:00 PM, ensuring that Multani sweetness is accessible throughout the day

Contact: +92 61 23 45 67 8.

Rating: The Google rating of Nirala Sweets is 4.3 stars.

5. Pakeeza Rewari Sweets

Pakeeza Rewari Sweets, a hidden gem in the sweet landscape of Multan, is known for its unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity. With a focus on traditional recipes passed down through generations, Pakeeza Rewari Sweets offers a pure and unadulterated taste of Multani sweetness. It is also the best mithai shop in Multan.

Offerings: Specializing in Rewari and Multani Halwa, Pakeeza Rewari Sweets captivates patrons with the simplicity and richness of its offerings. The shop also provides customized sweet boxes for special occasions, adding a personal touch to celebrations.

Location: Railway Colony, Rashid Minhas Rd, Multan, Punjab

Rating: The Google rating of Pakeeza Sohan Halwa is 4.4 stars.

Open Hours: Pakeeza Rewari Sweets opens its doors at 8:00 AM, providing a tranquil start to the day, and continues to serve sweetness until 9:00 PM.

Contact: +92 6187 65 43 2.


From the oldest Rewari Sweet Mart to the innovative spirit of Multani Sohan Halwa by Hafiz Sweets, these Mithai shops in Multan are a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Q1: How much does Pakeeza Sohan Halwa cost?

Sohan Halwa with almonds (badam) at Pakeeza Sohan Halwa’s Shop costs 1kg for Rs 1100, and delivery is available throughout Pakistan.

Q2: Who is the owner of Rewari Sweets?

Jamil Ur Rehman & Ikhlas Ahmad are the two owners of Rewari Sweets Multan.

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