In Karachi, a variety of best sweets shops provide delightful options that capture the essence of traditional flavors. They excel at fulfilling your needs for every event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any special occasion, with their delectable mithai. From delicate halwajaat and khaja to irresistible barfi, gulab jamun, and chamcham, these shops will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings.

List of Best Mithai Shops in Karachi

Some of the famous mithai shops in Karachi with their contact details and location:

  1. Bombay Sweets
  2. Mahmood Sweets
  3. Rehmat-e-Shereen
  4. Dilpasand Sweets & Bakers
  5. Delhi Sweets
  6. Dacca sweets and bakers
  7. Bhashani Sweets Baker & Nimco
  8. Dhamthal Sweets Bakers & Nimco

Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets is Karachi’s favourite mithai shop for its tasty traditional treats. They prepare a variety of sweets with a great emphasis on quality and hygiene. Bombay Sweets is Karachi’s top choice for its expertise in khajas, halwajaat, and barfi varieties. Their diverse offerings with reasonable prices include Kala jamun, balushahi, and frozen foods. 

Contact: 021-34555131

Location: C-206 Shahida Mansion, Central Commercial Area, Allama Iqbal Road, P.E.C.H.S. Block-2, Karachi. 

Mahmood Sweets

Karachi’s best sweets shop, Mahmood Sweets is famous for its mouthwatering treats. With a commitment to quality, they present a delectable range of traditional mithai. It features favorites like jamun, chamcham, motichoor ke laddu, along with tempting halwas, cakes, and savory options to satisfy every palate.

Contact: (021) 36325927

Location: Farid Square, F.B. Area, Karachi  


Rehmat-e-Shereen is a famous sweet shop in Karachi for its tasty and diverse sweets. They focus on quality and serve a range of traditional treats that people love. The shop offers a wide assortment of delicious desserts, classic mithai and naturally made dairy products such as desi ghee and makhan. Elevate your events with sweetness by ordering online and indulging in Rehmat-e-Shereen’s delightful creations.

Contact: +92 21 111 734 628

Location: Plots 4/1, KIA Sector 15, Kimz Korangi, Karachi

Dilpasand Sweets & Bakers

Dilpasand Sweets & Bakers is the best sweet shop in Karachi, known for its delicious variety of sweets. They’re all about quality and offer a wide range of traditional favorites. They proudly serve an extensive range of mithai, halwa, cakes, and bakery items at affordable prices, catering to all your cravings.

Contact: (021) 111 376 376

Location: Main University Road, Rehman Tower Gulistan-e-Johar – Block 7 Near Safoora, Karachi

Delhi Sweets

Delhi Sweets is a favoured destination for sweet lovers. Delhi Sweets stands out as the top Mithai shop in Karachi for its mouthwatering assortment of sweets. The shop has a unique selection of dishes, including Namkeen Kachori, Jalebi White, Dahi Boondi, and a variety of desserts. They also serve a wide variety of cold desserts such as ice cream and cake.

Contact: 021-34571254

Location: 2/481 Shah Faisal Town No-2 Near Habib Bank no-3, Karachi 

Dacca Sweets and Bakers

Dacca Sweets and Bakers stands out as the top sweet shop in Karachi, offering a wide range of delectable treats. From traditional sweets to freshly baked goods, Dacca Sweets and Bakers consistently delivers tasty delights that keep customers coming back for more.

Contact: (021) 34816678

Location: Alamgeer rod, Calasic hait, opposite Kababjees, Karachi

Bhashani Sweets Baker & Nimco

Bhashani Sweets provides a satisfying and flavorful experience and is widely considered the best sweet shop in Karachi. This Bengali brand caters to diverse preferences with its range of options. It is famous for its specialty in making barfi and bhashani with pure desi ghee. The shop’s commitment to traditional methods and quality ingredients has solidified its position as Karachi’s top pick for delicious and authentic sweets.

Contact: + (92) 347 2751181

Location: Nasir Colony, Korangi, Karachi

Dhamthal Sweets Bakers & Nimco

Dhamthal Sweets Bakers & Nimco is known as the best sweet shop in Karachi, not just for its tasty treats but also for its diverse offerings at the most reasonable prices. From an extensive range of traditional sweets to freshly baked goods and flavorful nimco snacks, Dhamthal Sweets has become a local favorite. This budget-friendly sweet shop offers you the convenience of ordering anything online.

Contact:  (021) 36330775 

Location: Gulshan-E-Ali، 2, Ayesha Manzil, near Happy Chowrangi, Federal B Area Naseerabad Block 7 Gulberg Town, Karachi


These top sweet shops in Karachi are known for their quality and freshly made delights. These sweet spots enhance your experience by offering a variety of delicious flavors, from traditional mithai to modern desserts. They have something to satisfy every sweet tooth, ensuring a delightful treat for all.

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