Islamabad offers some of the best morning breakfast paye spots, reviving the taste. The federal capital is known for its scenic beauty remarkable architecture and rich and diverse culinary landscape; among the many delicacies the city offers, the top siri paye or, as some might say, the best paye in Islamabad, holds a special place for locals and tourists.

Paye is a traditional dish made from mutton or beef trotters cooked in various spices till the meat is soft and the broth is rich and flavorful.

Best Paye in Islamabad

Some of the top spots for enjoying bong and Siri Paye in Islamabad include;

1- Lahori Pehlwan Paye

As the name suggests, this place brings the authentic taste of Lahore’s famed paye right to the heart of Islamabad. The blend of spices and the slow-cooked meat make this a must-visit spot for anyone looking for the most authentic taste.

Location:  Lehtrar Rd, Madina Town, Alipur, Ali Pur, Islamabad

Timing: 6 am -2 pm

Price: PKR 500-600 per serving


2- Phajja Siri Paye

When you hear best Siri paye, one name immediately comes to mind: Phajja Siri Paye. It has branches all across the country, including Islamabad. This place offers a taste that is synonymous with tradition. Be it mutton or beef paye, the flavors are profound, and the meat is melt-in-the-mouth soft.

Location:  Melody Market, Municipal Rd,  Markaz G-6, Islamabad

Timing: 7 am – 3 pm

Price: PKR 600-700 per serving


3- Special Lahori Nashta and Naan Center

For those who believe that the experience of consuming paye should be accompanied by other traditional breakfast items, this place is a haven. The naan and paye combination here is heavenly, providing a perfect blend of softness and rich flavor.

Location: G-15 Markaz G 15 Markaz G-15, Islamabad

Timing: 6 am -6 pm

Price: PKR 400-600 per serving


4- Lahori Nashta Point

Lahori Nashta Point, Islamabad, a hotspot for breakfast enthusiasts, is more than just about the naan and chai. Their bong paye, especially, is worth mentioning. Tender, flavorful, and served with freshly baked naan, the experience is nothing short of culinary magic.

Location: Lehtrar Rd, Khanna Islamabad, Islamabd

Timing: 7 am – 3 pm

Price: PKR 400-500 per serving



With its rich cultural and culinary influences, Islamabad is a top destination for food lovers. If you are searching for the best bong paye in Islamabad, the spots above promise an authentic experience. Whether you crave for beef paye or the delicacy of mutton paye, these eateries will ensure your taste buds are more than satisfied. So, the next time you’re in Islamabad, indulge in this traditional delicacy and be part of a flavorful journey.

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