Toilet is the central part and basic necessity of a bathroom. Toilets come in many designs and types. There is a wide range of options available in the market from which you can choose a toilet depending upon your requirements and personal preferences.

Toilets vary not only in design and model but also in shape and other various features. Toilets are made different to fulfill the needs and requirements of different customers. Some toilets offer more comfort, some offer less cost, and some need more space than others.

Elongated vs. Round Toilets

Toilets are not made in same shape to fulfill different needs of different customers. Toilet bowls in two basic forms. One is known as elongated and the other one is named as round. The function of both toilets is same but the bowl size and shape is different. That is the point where difference arises. That is why some prefer elongated toilets and some prefer round toilets. Some are elongated while some are made round. Elongated toilet needs more space while the round ones occupy less space.

Customers also focus on the appearance of the toilet because it is the central point of the bathroom. That is why many points regarding elongated and round toilets are explained in this article to help you understand the features and characteristics of both types of toilets. After reading this article you will be able to understand which toilet best suits your needs. 

What is Elongated Toilet?

Elongated toilet is the one which has an oval shaped elongated bowl. The bowl extends several inches more towards the front. This means elongated toilets occupy more space. Larger bathroom owners prefer elongated toilets because they look more aesthetically pleasing and space is not an issue for them.

What is Round Toilets?

A round toilet has a bowl shaped just like a circle. It occupies very less space in the bathroom. Therefore, round toilet is preferred by people who have smaller bathrooms. A round toilet does not make the smaller bathroom look congested. That is why it is preferred by small sized bathroom owners, like the ones in apartments etc.

Elongated vs Round Toilets – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

Every home owner has different preferences when it comes to the option of a toilet. Therefore, every type of toilet has different features and characteristics to fulfill different customer’s expectations. Following is a list of different pros and cons of elongated and round toilets to help you better understand which one will suit best to your needs.

Difference in Size:

Elongated toilets are bit larger in size than the round toilets. There is an approximate difference of about 2 inches in the size of both toilets. According to a random estimate, an elongated toilet has a length of 18.5 inches. Whereas, a round toilet has a length of 16.5 inches. Here comes a little twist. If the seat of your elongated toilet needs changing, then you cannot exchange it with the seat of a round toilet because it will never fit in. You need to get an exact sized elongated seat to replace the older one. However, a round toilet seat can be replaced with an elongated one. It will be a bit larger but it will fit in.

Difference in Space Requirements:

A round toilet occupies less space due to its size and shape. It is suggested to be the best fit for small sized washrooms.

Elongated toilet occupy more spaces as it is in oval shape and its size is also 2 inches longer from the front as compared to round toilets.

According to the building rules in many parts of the world, there must be a space of 21 inches in front of the toilet bowl. However, in case of small washrooms, they fail to pass this rule. Therefore, a round toilet is a best choice in that case to save space.

Difference in Cost:

According to reports of different market surveys, elongated toilets are more expensive than the round toilets. An elongated toilet of the same brand and company, having same specifications and features will cost more than the round one from the same company. However, plumber charges the same amount to install whether elongated or round toilet. Consumer data also confirms that the usage of water by both toilets is also the same. This means that there is no difference in water cost of both toilets.

Difference in Design:

Round toilets have a traditional look. While elongated toilets have a modern and chic look. Round toilets are mostly seen in old houses. While elongated toilets are found in new houses with modern architecture and style. People also suggest that elongated toilets look more appealing as compared to round toilets.

Difference in Level of Comfort:

Comfort level is a very important characteristic when it comes to the talk of toilets. It should be comfortable enough to provide relaxing posture for the users. Elongated toilets have oval shape and they are bigger in size.

This provides more comfort for the users as they provide elongated sitting area. The toilet seat of elongated toilets matches more with the human anatomy. Therefore, the comfort level is high. The main focus of round toilets, on the other hand is space saving rather comfort.

They are smaller in size thus less comfortable as their seat size is also smaller as compared to the elongated toilets. Therefore, elongated toilets are preferred by most customers due to high level of comfort. While round toilets are preferred by kids as they easily fit in the small toilet seat of a round toilet.

Difference in Ease of Cleaning:

If we keep in mind the shape of an elongated toilet, it is far easier to clean an elongated toilet than a round one. Its inner areas where bacteria hide are easily reachable due to its elongated shape. Round shaped toilets make cleaning a bit difficult because most of the inner areas are not easily reachable.

Difference in Flushing Capacity:

Sometimes back, people used to think that a round toilet has strong flushing power. However, this assumption has proven to be wrong with the passage of time. Flushing power is dependent on the technology the manufacturer is implementing in the product and not on the shape or size of the toilet. Flushing system is using a pressure technology. When pressure is applied properly, elongated toilets are found to have more flushing power. Consequently, the water flow or circulation of water starts, that is powerful enough to flush down the waste completely. However, elongated or round, not much difference is observed in flushing capacity, when both of them are installed in a proper way.

Difference in Availability:

Elongated toilets are found to be more easily available in the market than the round ones. When a modern house is built, they will install a modern looking elongated toilet in the bathroom. This means that the demand of an elongated toilet is also higher than the round ones. That is why; they are more easily available than the round ones.

Elongated or Round? How to Decide?

The above content has given enough information about the differences in elongated and round toilets. What type of toilet is more suitable for your bathroom is totally dependent on your personal preference and your required features.

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