How To Find A Good Realtor

The profession of a realtor is in demand – there is a noticeable revival in the domestic real estate market. A professional specialist in the sale of apartments and houses will be able to quickly find a buyer who is ready to pay the requested amount, advise on legal issues, help collect documents for the sale of an apartment, and register the transaction legally.

For services, realtors take a percentage of the transaction or a fixed fee. There are many offers on the market, so the seller needs to know in advance how to find a realtor who can help quickly and efficiently.

Where to find a realtor?

There are several answers to the question of where to find a realtor. It is important that this is a professional who can quickly sell an apartment without harming the owner. It doesn’t matter if he works independently or through an agency.

We recommend the following ways to find realtors:

  1. Use word of mouth. It is good if you have colleagues or acquaintances who have recently bought or sold real estate. If they are satisfied with the professionalism, quality of services, they can advise a specific person.
  2. You can go to the study of specialized sites, forums dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate. Pay attention to the declared cost of services, feedback on the professionalism of the employee, filling the profile on social networks. The disadvantage of this method is that it is difficult to distinguish real reviews of people from paid ones.
  3. Search for a real estate agency with many professional realtors on staff. Attention should be paid to the following parameters:
    • Duration of work in the real estate market.
    • The number of positive reviews.
    • The number of employees.
    • Service cost.
    • Availability of certificates, licenses, certificates and awards, testifying to the high quality of the services provided.

How to find a realtor to sell an apartment

To find a realtor who will help you realize your living space, you need to take into account the nuances that affect the qualities of real estate agents.

“It’s not a good idea to go to a no-practice real estate agent, even if you’ve gotten good reviews from friends or family. Everything in the industry is constantly changing, and at a very high speed. New laws are being adopted, fundamentally different rules and procedures for processing transactions come into force. So it is better not to take risks, referring to a person who has retired, but to conclude an agreement with a professional who is constantly in the subject.”

Finding a realtor is still half the battle, it is important to understand how competent he is, whether it makes sense to contact him. In order not to waste time in vain, first contact the agent, ask a few questions.

List of questions that will help check the level of competence of a specialist:

  1. How to sell an apartment or a room faster and more expensive? What can you advise?
  2. What to do in a problematic situation (encumbrance of real estate, many owners)?
  3. I want to sell a land plot. How much would you rate it?
  4. Can you recommend any of your colleagues?
  5. What are the criteria for choosing an apartment?

After talking with several agents, you can make an objective conclusion about their competence, understand what tasks they are ready to solve, how frank and competent they are.

How to find a realtor to sell your home?

real estate agent to sell an apartment

If you are faced with the task of finding a realtor for the sale of a private house, it is imperative to clarify whether the real estate agent has previously entered into such transactions. This area has its own characteristics, pitfalls, so a person who was only selling apartments will not fit.

It is necessary that the realtor understands how to sell suburban real estate. Their own peculiarities exist in the execution of such transactions, here an individual set of certain documents is required, especially in their execution.

What to look for when concluding an agreement with a realtor

To begin with, correlate the amount at which the real estate agent will evaluate your home with the average prices of the area for similar apartments, houses of about the same area, layout, and in the same condition.

It is important that this amount is not fundamentally different. Unscrupulous realtors can greatly understate or overstate the price. They overestimate the cost of real estate, so that later they constantly knock down the amount, and underestimate, trying to sell housing faster, because they will still receive payment for their services. But at the same time, they do not care about the fact that the client will receive significantly less money in his hands than he could.

“Therefore, it is recommended to invite several realtors to assess your property, and you can compare the options and the amounts they offer. At the same time, do not hesitate to be interested in what parameters and criteria each of them uses, forming the final cost.”

Pay attention to the behavior of the real estate agent.

  • If you are invited to visit the office without fail, refusing to discuss the details until this moment, you should not waste time with such a realtor. It will probably be a company where you will be offered to conclude an agreement for the provision of paid services, on the basis of which the real estate agent will work in the future. In this case, you will have to pay, even if the work of a realtor does not bring the desired result.
  • Another important point to consider when choosing a realtor is future costs. Representatives of a reliable reputable real estate agency will announce the costs, commissions, interest that will have to be paid. All expenses already at the first stage must be known to the client.

“When a realtor does not want to delve into financial issues, offering to discuss the nuances later, it is better not to contact him. Some offices use hidden surcharges written in small print in the contract. The client learns about them only at the final stage, being very surprised at how much he has to pay.”

  • Before concluding an agreement with a realtor, consult a lawyer. This will allow for the pitfalls that are often spelled out in agreements. Only a professional can identify them.
  • Without fail, the contract must contain a clause suggesting the termination of the agreement without financial loss of the client if the work of the real estate agency did not bring the desired result after a certain time.

When a realtor starts working, you can immediately understand how professional he is. It is important that photos of the property are posted online on different resources. It will not be superfluous to control this process yourself.


The commission for the work of a realtor depends on the amount of the transaction. There are no specific established rates. Traditionally, realtors within the agency receive from 25 to 75% of the fee, depending on experience, status and qualifications.

Private realtors receive 100% remuneration, so the services of specialists who practice solo are often cheaper than agency services.

The cost of a real estate service is determined by the following factors:

  • Object price. The larger the amount, the more difficult it is to find buyers. The key to success is the realtor’s ability to position the property favorably during the show.
  • The liquidity of housing (the presence of encumbrances, the complexity of paperwork).
  • What services are included in the package (scope of work).
  • Type of payment (professionals with experience take interest, interns and beginners – a fixed fee).

Sum Up:

Based on these criteria, you can find a good specialist within the available budget.

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