Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib’s quotes about death are focused on the mortality and worthlessness of this materialistic world. He is revered in Islamic history for his wisdom, knowledge, and purity. His teachings and sayings provide profound insights into various aspects of life, including death. In this compilation, we present 20 of the best Hazrat Ali death quotes and his reflections on this ultimate reality.

20 Hazrat Ali Quotes on Death:

  1. “Death is the truth of life; it is not the end but a new beginning.”
  2. “Prepare for death by living a life of righteousness and holiness.”
  3. “The world is but a dream, and death is the awakening from it.”
  4. “Do not fear death, for it is the gateway to eternal life.”
  5. “A life lived with purpose makes the transition into death easier.”
  6. “Death is the ultimate reality; everything else is fleeting.”
  7. “Remember death often; it will keep you humble and focused on the hereafter.”
  8. “The only way to conquer death is to live a life of virtue.”
  9. “Death is the bridge between this world and the next; build a strong foundation to cross it safely.”
  10. “In death, the believer finds liberation from the trials of this world.”
  11. “The wise person prepares for death as if it were to happen today.”
  12. “Death is the destination; life is the journey. Make it a meaningful one.”
  13. “Your deeds will accompany you in the grave; choose them wisely.”
  14. “Seek forgiveness and repentance before death seeks you.”
  15. “Life is fleeting, and death is certain; make every moment count.”
  16. “Death is a reminder of the transient nature of worldly pursuits.”
  17. “A heart filled with the remembrance of Allah finds tranquility in the face of death.”
  18. “Death is not to be feared; it is a reunion with the Divine.”
  19. “Live a life of humility, and death will be a gentle passage.”
  20. “The value of life is realized when we contemplate the inevitability of death.”


Hazrat Ali’s famous quotes on death offer timeless wisdom that transcends religious boundaries. They remind us of the impermanence of this world and the importance of leading a righteous and purposeful life. By reflecting on these teachings, we can strive to prepare ourselves for the ultimate journey of the soul, finding solace and hope in the face of mortality.

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