You might have tried very expensive unclogging chemical solutions. If you are not having any plunger, toilet brush, cleaning chemicals or anything else that can help you while your toilet is clogged. Then try to unclog a toilet with a snake.

It will help you in immediate situations. You may be tired of plunging, flushing and draining. If you are thinking of calling a plumber, WAIT. This might cause you to ease but don’t forget that having a professional plumbing service will charge you a heavy amount. So it’s a big NO to plumber.

Unclog your toilet with snake

Clogged toilet? Huh! A big mess. A severe clog may need professional help but before that let’s try doing it yourself.

Ran out of plunger? No problem.

You are in hurry and the plunger is ditching at the needing moment? Not a big issue. Don’t have time to try overnight cleaning or unclogging methods? Don’t worry. If you are having drain snake, that’s much for your help. You can unclog your clogged toilet by using a drain snake. Don’t give up before trying this tool.

What is a Toilet Snake?

Before moving towards the procedure to clear the clog, you must have to be clear about the toilet snake. It is basically a long iron wire, like a drain snake. It is made for toilet unclogging purposes. It is a great investment for your toilet. You can use it to unclog your toilet. It’s good for hard and stubborn objects. It helps you in reaching a depth of toilet pipelines. Snake is made up of rubber so that the wire can’t damage the porcelain.

Types of Snakes

There are different types of plumbing snakes. It is also known as an auger, toilet drain snake, and closet snake. People usually think they all are the same but they are considered different.

  1. Drum auger
  2. Hand spinner
  3. Medium
  4. Electric auger
  5. General wire auger
  6. Cable auger

These can be used according to the type of clog and the severity of the clogged toilet.


  1. Safety gloves
  2. Drain Snake

Steps to unclog a toilet with a Snake

Step 1: Safety and hygiene come first. That’s why it is very important to wear safety rubber gloves before dealing with your clogged toilet. Gloves will protect your hands from any unhygienic or contaminant material.

Step 2: Check for the clog. What type of clog is? What caused the clogged toilet? Is it hard or soft? Stubborn or easy to handle?

Step 3: Stop flushing. Don’t flush again and again. It will cause toilet water to overflow. And this will create a mess.

Step 4: Turn off the water inlet and outlet valves. You may mistakenly flush and the water level will go up.

Step 5: Place the functional end of the snake and place it in the toilet bowl in the direction of the drain whole.

Step 6: Rotate the handle of the snake in a clockwise direction so that the wire gets extended towards the clog.

Rotate it till the starting point reaches the clog and it will stop extending itself.

Step 7: Try to hook the snake with the clog by rotating it in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions again and again.

Step 8: Stop rotating when you feel that the wire gets bind with the clog.

Step 9: Then wind up the snake wire and pull it back. You’ll feel some resistant force.

Step 10: Grip the plastic and carefully withdraw the coiled wire while holding the plastic in place to avoid scratching the enamel of the toilet seat after numerous spins clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Maybe you’ll come upon a toy at the end of the wire that was the cause. Or else, trash from the blockage will be visible due to the coil’s bending and tugging. To avoid dripping on the floor, clean the wire of the snake with a tissue, towel or cloth.

Step 11: Then after this, clean the toilet by flushing to ensure that it is free of obstructions. If it still doesn’t drain as much as it should, repeat the procedure since there might be trash in the outlet.

If this doesn’t work after two tries, try a different choice.

Can the toilet unclog itself?

It might, particularly if the obstruction is caused by toilet paper, which is made to degrade and dissipate when exposed to water. It will most certainly stay stiff and clumpy if there isn’t enough liquid to dissolve it, though.

Minimal or limited toilets frequently have this problem. Assure your toilet paper is appropriate for all types of sewer tanks by always reading the label.

As long as the obstruction is made of water-soluble and decomposing garbage, a blocked toilet may normally be left unattended for up to five hours before it begins to clear itself. If it isn’t, the blockage simply won’t go away unless it is physically cleared.

If the blockage doesn’t disappear after 48 hours, it’s probable that the trash isn’t biodegradable. Since this might quickly harm other pipes in your home, you should examine the drain pipe for foreign items as soon as possible.

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