Toilets are among those parts of your home which need to look clean all the time. But if you are having a clogged toilet, then there is a need for an urgent fix. For everyone, it is a major inconvenience. You might think it would create an unsanitary messy scene. But hacks exist for such problems. You can unblock your toilet with many household stuff but unclogging a toilet with salt is the most convenient among all. 

Your toilet must be working all the time. Calling a plumbing service might take a lot of time and money. You can do it yourself too. But that doesn’t mean that you need to buy some expensive and acidic products from the supermarket. Even by using any type of salt, you can fix your toilet. That would be affordable as well as much safer. 

Types of Salt You Can Use for Unclog a Toilet

Epsom salt genuinely is not salt and is a natural mixture of Magnesium and Sulphate which is making it a powerful mineral salt. It is also a powerful cleaner because of its biodegradable property. It is enough alone on its own. But if there is severe clogging in your toilet you can mix it with baking soda.

Things required:

  1. Epsom salt
  2. Baking soda (optional)


The procedure for unblocking a toilet with Epsom salt is very simple and easy. The biggest benefit of using this salt is that it works in just a few minutes. You don’t need to wait for a long or overnight.

  1. Simply you just have to pour one cup of Epsom salty directly into your toilet bowl.
  2. You will see a fizz or some bubbles appearing in the toilet bowl. This is the main reaction when water combines with magnesium sulfate, bubbles are formed with some bubbling sound as it does in the form of bath bombs in water.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes and then flush it to unclog your toilet.

This is the fastest DIY to unclog your toilet.

Use Rock salt

Rock salt, as its name show, comes from mineral rocks. It is not a very common salt but most people have it in their kitchens. Because of having a good amount of minerals, it is also considered a strong cleaning and unclogging agent. Like Epsom salt, it is also enough without any other helping ingredient. But it will take time to unclog your toilet, as its reactions are slow. 

Things required:

  1. Rock salt
  2. Hot water (not boiling water)


We know that this method will be time-consuming but still, there is no need to mix rock salt with other cleaning items.

  1. Put one cup of rock salt in a bucket and then pour 2 liters of hot water (avoid boiling water) into that bucket.
  2. Mix both of the ingredients well.
  3. And then pour that solution into the toilet bowl.
  4. Leave it for eight hours or overnight. The suggested time for this method is night so that the mixture can sit well and clear the blockage.
  5. In the morning, flush and get your unclogged toilet.

Try Table salt

Table salt or common salt is basically Sodium Chloride. It is the salt that is used in kitchens commonly. It is one of the cheapest salts. If you don’t have any other salt available at your home then you can use it to unclog your toilet. You can use it alone as well as by mixing it with other cleaning ingredients. It will be very effective and affordable to drain your toilet. 

Thing required:

  1. Salt 
  2. Baking soda or detergent or vinegar (use any one of these)
  3. Hot water 


  1. Take one cup of Table salt and mix it with the same quantity of baking soda, detergent or vinegar. Both the additional ingredients are powerful cleaning agents.
  2. Put the mixture in the toilet bowl directly and then pour 1.5 liters of hot water into the toilet bowl. Don’t use boiling water.
  3. Leave the toilet and let it sit for 8 hours straight. Remember that it will not work immediately and will take time. So it is recommended to use this method at night so that you can leave it overnight.
  4. After the suggested time, you can flush your toilet to make it clear.
  5. But if you are not sure, you can additionally use plunge for clearing the clog. You will see that the blockage will be cleared.
  6. To finish it, pour a bucket of water after flushing.

How to keep a toilet from clogging?

By taking a few preventive measures, you can prevent your toilet to get clogged. The best way is to carry out routine toilet maintenance dealings. You can use any one of the salt as suggested above, once a week or twice a month to avoid any blockage. The cheapest one is to use table salt with baking soda. You can also use one-fourth cup of tartar cream in the mixture of table salt and baking soda. Put it in the toilet bowl and put 1-2 cups of water also.  Then wait for 15 minutes and flush the toilet. This will keep your toilet from clogging and will prevent bad odor also. 


Can Epsom salt unclog a toilet?

Epsom salt has a strong degradable character. It can unclog your toilet within 15 minutes that’s why it is considered the most efficient salt. Pour it directly into the toilet bowl, bubbles will appear, and flush after 15-20 minutes.

Does Rock salt unclog a toilet?

Rock salt has more minerals that’s why it is also recommended by plumbers to unclog a toilet. Add one cup of rock salt to a bucket having 2 gallons of hot water then pour the solution into the toilet. Flush it after 8 hours or overnight to get an unclogged toilet.

Does Table salt unclog a toilet?

Unclogging toilets using common salt or table salt is one of the cheapest and safest methods. You can use it with baking soda, vinegar, or detergent to increase its efficiency. It will take 8 hours to clear the clog. 

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