The covid-19 has brought a lot of changes. It was the time when people started taking health and wellness classes online. This led to an increase in demand for online yoga training certification programs. Besides, it also ensures the safety of everyone.

What are the Five Keys to Making an Online Yoga Program Successful?

Be it pre-recorded video on live classes, the online yoga programs offer numerous benefits. But it is essential that the training be done after considering certain considerations to make it more effective, result-oriented, and engaging. Here are the top five essentials that one needs to keep in mind for delivering result-oriented training.

1- Use the right place

The location you are using for your online yoga programs will play a great role in determining how well the students have an idea of the postures. The person who has a basic knowledge about studios will know how to customize the place for high-quality, audio-visual content. The space must be chosen in a way that can be customized for better signals and good audio quality. For this, you can keep the windows and doors closed during the live session. Also, the space must be blank with light-colored walls for better visibility.

2- Use the right equipment

The equipment you use for your online lessons determines the type of audio-visual quality your students will get. It is essential that the place you are choosing for your online yoga classes is echo and soundproof. Also, it will be better if you avoid putting any artifacts, furniture, or other objects inside the space as it can intensify the echo. You can consider investing in good-quality wireless microphones. It will offer you the ease of movement while you demonstrate the yoga techniques and posters.

Further, it is essential to use a good quality camera that records 4K video quality. If you are using an external webcam, you must buy the one that comes with an option to connect with an external mic. Lastly, you need to use a tripod and adjust the camera lens according to the space available for your yoga classes.

3-  Technique and style of teaching

Owing to the fact that how different the yoga programs can be, you must have an idea of all. For instance, there are prenatal yoga teacher training programs, yin yoga teacher training, etc. You need to be flexible with the skills and follow the technique and style that the students want to learn about.

During the online classes, it is the voice that plays a great role in the demonstration. The teacher must have a good idea about the concept and different considerations that need to be remembered while practicing a particular posture. Also, the teacher must be creative in conducting online yoga classes by infusing the practice with the right action, attitude, and alignment.

In simple words, it will be better if you planned that entire class beforehand. Also, match the pace of the students and the instructions for better explanation.

  4- Lighting

The space you have chosen to shoot or for live classes must have adequate lighting for the sensor to identify things and guarantee everything is clearly visible to the students. It is advised to avoid taking the sessions near the windows or else the light will blow out the camera. It will be better if you put a bright lamp at the sides to get amazing light on your video. Mobile phones like iPhone 11 have great cameras and light sensors that can easily accommodate the environment. However, when shooting a professional camera, you need to take care of the light.

 5- Customized lessons

It is vital to understand that different students will have different requirements. Thus, you must know their specific needs and customize the training programs to ensure they learn the postures and techniques that can benefit them. When conducting group class, you can consider asking them if they are grasping the postures and other essential information to ensure you stay engaged with them and offer a result-oriented yoga training program.


No doubt, the online yoga training program offers numerous benefits. In fact, there are now multiple options you can consider to begin your online yoga sessions. But it is vital that you research well to identify the top sources that can offer you customized sessions at an affordable rate.

The research will help you get a good deal for your online yoga sessions and guarantee you learn from the most experienced professional. Also, you must see if the program offers you a 200 hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training program. Make sure you choose the one that goes well with your schedule.

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