Toilets are a central point of any household. Every person of the family spends a considerable amount of time in the toilet. That is why people usually give a thoughtful amount of time before choosing a toilet for the bathroom.

There are also people who do not even know that many types of toilets exist and they have got many options to choose from when they decide to buy a toilet. There are many options available in the market regarding toilet styles, designs and models. You can opt any of them according to your needs and requirements.

One Piece vs. Two Piece Toilets

In the world of bathrooms, there are many types of toilets available which are designed according to the specific needs of different customers. A toilet consists of three basic components which are defined below.

  1. Bowl: bowl of the toilet is a part where all waste is coming. A sewage pipe is connected with the bowl from the inside to pass the waste down from the bowl.
  2. Pedestal: the part of the toilet that is holding the toilet bowl and it is designed in a way that it stands straight on the ground and connects with the bowl.
  3. Tank: the part of the toilet which is present at the back side of the toilet is called tank. It is there to store the water that is used for flushing.

The most common types of toilets are one piece toilet and two piece toilet.

What is One Piece Toilet?

The bowl and tank of one piece is connected together. One piece toilets are heavier and big in size as well. They are also easy to clean due to their big size.

What is Two Piece Toilets?

The bowl and tank of a two piece toilet are separated and not connected with each other. Two piece toilets are lighter in weight and easy to install as compared to one piece toilets.

One Piece vs. Two Piece Toilets – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

Toilets are differentiated on the basis of many different features and characteristics. They are designed and developed to fulfill needs of different households. Therefore, they are designed variably to provide for every different household. Following is a list of pros and cons of one piece and two piece toilets to highlight the difference between these two types.

Difference in Price:

The most important factor to be considered by most buyers before buying a toilet is its price. The manufacturing process of a one piece toilet is more complex. A one piece toilet consists of many small pieces that are joined together to form a one piece toilet.

Special skills are needed to assemble and finish the small pieces into one piece. This results in the increase of raw material cost and labor cost. All this cost is then passed down to the final consumer. Due to which one piece toilets are more expensive than two piece toilets. Price of two piece toilet is nearly half as compared to the price of one piece toilet.

Difference in Shipping Cost:

One piece toilets are heavier and larger in size. Therefore, the transportation or shipping cost of these toilets is also high.

Two piece toilets are light weight and small in size. Their tank and bowl are separate due to which they become easier to transport. As a result, the shipping cost of two piece toilets is less than those of one piece toilets.

Difference in Size:

Some people think that the size of one piece toilet is larger than that of two piece toilets because two pieces are separated and have two separate parts not connected at the time of transportation. But this is not a reality. Although there is a bit difference in size in some designs of one piece toilets but this not true for all models or designs.

Difference in Weight:

One piece toilets are heavier than two piece toilets. An average weight of one piece toilet is 40 kg (88 pounds). Whereas an average weight of two pieces toilet is nearly 25 kg (55 pounds). The major reason for the difference in weight is that a one piece toilet has tank and bowl attached in the production process. This resultantly increases the weight.

Difference in Functionality:

 Functionality in case of a toilet means the function to flush away the waste properly. All toilets are designed to do one basic task and that is flushing away the human waste. The surprising fact in case of one piece and two piece toilet is that they have no difference when it comes to functionality. They function in the same way unless there is a difference in model. A newer model will obviously function better than an old one. Other than that there is no difference in the working or functionality of both types of toilets.

Difference in Appearance:

Both one piece and two piece toilets come in different styles, designs and models. One piece toilet however has a more compact and smart look due to which they are preferred more by people who want a contemporary look in their bathroom. However, you can also get one piece toilets in traditional looks as well. You can also get two piece toilets in both contemporary and traditional looks. However, one piece toilet’s appearance is more sleek and modern.

Difference in Durability:

As such there is no prominent difference in one piece or two piece toilets regarding durability. However, it is a known fact that different manufacturers design toilets differently. Not every manufacturer use high grade material therefore, quality is not same and so does the durability. In addition, a two piece toilet is said to have more cracks after usage over sometime because the bowl and tank are separated. They are not bound together therefore; strength level is not as strong as a one piece toilet as it is attached in one piece.

Difference in Installation:

A piece toilet has very much easier installation process as compared to a two piece toilet. The reason is simple. The toilet bowl and tank of a one piece toilet are already connected thus reducing the effort to connect the two parts before the actual installation. While in case of a two piece toilet, first the toilet bowl and tank are to be connected together because they come s separate parts. Therefore, the installation process of a two piece toilet is difficult as compared to a one piece toilet.

Difference in Cleaning & Maintenance:

A two piece toilet is easy to maintain because both parts are separately available. In case of a one piece toilet, if any part needs maintenance then the whole toilet needs replacement.

Regarding cleaning, a one piece toilet is difficult to clean properly because it has many parts that are unreachable and provides space for germs and bacteria to grow. Whereas in case of two piece toilets, because the tank and bowl are separate and have space in between that is why it is easy to clean.

Which one is better One Piece Toilet or Two Piece Toilet?

It is evident from the above article that both one piece and two piece toilets offer different benefits and drawbacks. You can now easily decide whether one piece toilet is better to fulfill your needs or a two piece toilet.

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