“Peer e Kamil”(PBUH) by Umera Ahmed is a literary masterpiece novel, delving deep into the intricacies of love, spirituality, and the human soul. This novel touches upon profound philosophies and emotions that resonate with readers across the globe. The story revolves around Imama Hashim and Salar Sikanderdar and how they deeply fall for each other despite being from opposite worlds.

Best Peer-e-Kamil Quotes

Some of the famous sayings from the novel are;

  1. “What is next to ecstasy? Pain. What is next to pain? Nothingness. What is next to nothingness? Hell.”
  2. “The most difficult dilemma for a person is perhaps when his heart testifies to an inevitable reality yet his tongue will not proclaim it, when his mind screams in acceptance of truth but he cant bring himself to state it.”
  3. “To him who begs for a drop, You grant the seas.”
  4. “You have been my saviour in my loneliness. Were it not for you, I would have been dead.”
  5. “She is beyond me, but my love is pure, not base desire. To her alone I belonged, I belong – even if mine she may not be.”
  6. “Forget her. How can anyone forget breathing?”
  7. “Imama looked at the black sweater and the white collar peeking out of it… “I am honoured,” she heard him say.”
  8. “Insensitive to the point of cruelty.”
  9. “The fragrance of the Prophet (pbuh) lingers on my fingers, my lips, So often did I write and kiss his blessed name.”
  10. “If I stand tall today, it is your mercy. For your support does not let me waver.”
  11. “When darkness, layer by layer, descends on the soul, Your light then does with greater brilliance glow.”
  12. “Imama had in her palm a tiny firefly of guidance, and in the burst of its light, she had made her way through every dark alley of life without ever stumbling.”
  13. “Undaunted, they cross the darkness. Whose brows are illumined by your brilliance.”
  14. “Be it the peak of Sinai or the hour of reckoning, I’ll endure the wait. To meet my beloved somewhere, anywhere, whenever, wherever.”
  15. “My life is but a separation, though in my heart she lives, So close, so near to every pulse, yet so distant from my yearning eyes.”
  16. “Look, what you call an attempted suicide is not what I intended—I just wanted to know the pain of dying…how it feels.”
  17. “Your admirer asks nothing from the kings, For the dust of your tracks is my greatest reward.”


“Peer e Kamil” quotes by Umera Ahmed offers a profound exploration of love, faith, and the depths of human emotion. These famous quotes, just a fraction of the book’s wisdom, serve as a testament to the novel’s enduring appeal and relevance in today’s world. Immerse yourself in its pages to discover a tale that seamlessly weaves spirituality with human experiences, reminding us of the profound connections we share and the universe.

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