Most of the toilets these days do not come with a toilet seat. They left you with the option of selecting the seat yourself. The most replaced part of a toilet is the toilet seat. The toilet seat is the most used part of a toilet. Due to the constant up and down movement of the seat, it wears off quickly. Another reason is that toilet seat is in between our weight and the toilet bowl.

The toilet seats are exposed to force both from upward and downward directions. This is the reason they break easily. Toilet seats are also banged with toilet bowl which makes them break quickly.   That is why a toilet seat needs to be replaced more often than any other part of the toilet.

Types of Toilet Seats

Just like we have got options regarding toilet styles, designs and models, similarly there are also options available in the market for toilet seats. Toilet seats are an important part of a toilet because the person using the toilet has to come in direct contact with the toilet seat. That is why it is important to select the one that is durable and comfortable in every aspect.

A wide range of materials is used to make toilet seats. However two materials are most commonly used which are wood and plastic.

Wooden Toilet Seat

Wooden toilet seats come in a huge variety. They are either made of MDF wood. It is consisted of pressed wood fiber. Wooden toilet seats are also made of solid wood for example, oak, pine or mahogany. Solid wood toilet seats have a fantastic look but the level of durability varies with the type of wood used in the making of a seat.

Plastic Toilet Seat

Plastic toilet seats are mostly made from a material called polypropylene. This material tends to break quickly but toilet seats made from this plastic are available in cheap prices in the market. Plastic toilet seats are also infamous due to their characteristic of turning pale or yellow after a short span of time.

Wood Vs. Plastic Toilet Seats – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

With a wide variety of designs and models available in the market for toilets, toilet seats are also now offering options to buyers to select from a huge variety of materials according to their personal preferences and needs. Two of the most common materials used for the making of toilet seats are plastic and wood. The following section will explain the differences between these both types to let you decide what suits you the best.

Comfort Level:

If you have used a plastic toilet seat, then you will be more able to understand what actually is the importance of comfort especially in the middle of a cold winter night!! Plastic has a characteristic quality that it cannot hold any heat inside. Therefore, in winters it become really cold. It can give you an actual shock in the cold winter night.

Wood, on the other hand, has a quality to lock heat inside it. Therefore, the wooden toilet seats will feel warmer in winters as compared to plastic toilet seats.

If your house is in the region where it gets extremely freezing in winters, then it is recommended that you should opt for a wooden toilet seat to get the comfort and warmth.

Hygiene Level:

Wood is an absorbent material. It has a characteristic feature of getting things inside when come into direct or frequent contact. Similarly, the wooden toilet seat will lock in the moisture from water and urine and can create bad smells. Wood, if remains damp all the time, can easily develop mold. Wood also gives space to bacteria and germs for growth.

However, plastic is a smooth and non porous material. It does not absorb moisture. It is easier to clean and sterilize. Plastic will not give you a tough time in cleaning like wood does. It is therefore suggested that if you cannot keep up with the tough cleaning routine required for a wood toilet seat, or if you have small kids, then you should consider placing a plastic toilet seat instead of a wooden one. Plastic is anyways more hygienic than a wood toilet seat.

Appearance and Design:

The appearance and design of both type of toilet seats is different. It is now totally depends on the personal preference of the buyer. They usually prefer different designs or styles because they match with the other décor in their house. For example, wood toilet seats are usually matched with traditionally styled bathrooms. Wood material looks more graceful and striking. Wooden toilets also look more inventive. While plastic toilet seats are considered a good match with the contemporary design bathrooms having modern and chic look.

There is no match between wood and plastic when it comes to style and design. Wood is just love and nearly everyone prefers wood over plastic if we talk about design and style only.


Wooden toilet seats come in different varieties. Depending upon the quality of the wood used in making the seat, the price also varies. Some are very much expensive while some are less expensive.

Plastic toilet seats are mostly less expensive than wooden toilet seats. However, the quality of wood used matters. There are also wood toilet seats that are equal to the price of plastic toilet seats.

There is also a feature that adds to the cost of your toilet. It is known as slow close feature. This feature allows the toilet lid to come slowly instead of making a sound of a bang. There are hinges attached with the lid of the toilet seat that allows the lid and seat to close slowly to avoid the annoying loud sound.


As expected, wooden toilet seats are more durable as compared to plastic toilet seats. The reason is obvious. Wood is far heavier and strong as compared to plastic. Wooden material has a less chance of breakage while plastic tends to bend and break quickly.

There is an important point to note in case of wood toilet seats. They tend to lock in the moisture and develop molds. This makes them weak and they started to wear off. Bathrooms are a place that is housed with moisture in large quantity. That is the only reason why a wooden toilet seat can also wear off way before than expected.


When it comes to versatility, wooden seats are less versatile as compared to plastic ones. The reason is wood cannot be altered in many ways. Plastic is a soft material that is easy to bend and mould. That is why, it give you much more options than wood. For example, latest technology in the world of toilet seats is the heated toilet seats. They are made of plastic not wood. This means plastic gives you more freedom when it comes to use it in different ways. While wood being a hard material does not allow much options.

Concluding Thoughts:

Plastic toilet seat or wooden toilet seat, each one has advantages and disadvantages. The absolute tip is that you should buy a toilet seat that matches with the theme and décor of your bathroom. It is also recommended to do necessary research before making the final decision because a toilet seat is the one on which you are going to spend a great amount of time, so buy the one that suits you the best.

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