Composting toilets are of many different types. They come in a variety of models and designs depending upon the price and requirements. They can be costly, less expensive, simpler ones or complex ones. It depends upon your choice and need which composting toilet best suits your purpose.

Regarding the simpler composting toilets, sawdust composting toilets are considered to be the most simple of all. Let’s give you an insight about sawdust composting toilets.

What is a Sawdust Composting Toilet?

To help you understand the concept in an easy way, you can think of a sawdust toilet just as same as a composting toilet. The idea and technique are same. The only difference comes in the product that you add in the composting toilet to form compost. In this case, the product to be added is sawdust.

Sawdust toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be as simple as a homemade toilet with a simple bucket and a board with a hole in it. It can be as complex as the ones that can handle nearly 30 people.

Sawdust and composting toilets are nearly the same. The only difference is that in sawdust toilet, saw is added as a product to form compost. Although there are other options available for a composting toilet but many people feel that sawdust is the best product that can be added in the composting toilet.

Types of Sawdust Composting Toilet

Sawdust composting toilets are of many types. Some of which are described below for your knowledge.

  1. 5 Gallon Sawdust Toilet
  2. DIY Sawdust Toilet
  3. Ready to Use Sawdust Toilets

5 Gallon Sawdust Toilet

As it is evident from the name, the 5 gallon sawdust toilet is consisted of a 5 gallon or 20 liters bucket. This type of sawdust toilet can be used in different ways. In some forms, a toilet seat is placed on the top of the bucket. In another form a pool noodle is placed on the top of bucket to act as a toilet seat.

DIY Sawdust Toilet

DIY stands for DO IT YOURSELF. There is always an option for creative people to create their own things. That would be cheap but customized. If you have a creative mind, you can make your own DIY sawdust toilet. You can use recycled material or buy second hand products from the shop. You can also take help from different videos available online.

Ready to Use Sawdust Toilets

If you are not creative enough or have not got enough time to create your own composting toilet then you can buy one that is ready to use or readily available in the market. Ready to use saw dust toilets are very easy to install. They are delivered at your doorstep. You don’t even need to get into the hassle of going to the market. You can easily order one online.

How a Sawdust Toilet Functions?

The function or working procedure of a composting toilet is very simple. It works the same way as any composting toilet works. Either you have two containers or a single container in your compost toilet. Two containers mean you have separate system for solid and liquid waste. While a single container means you will get a mixed waste. After that sawdust and other organic components are added in the waste to start decomposition.

What to Put In a Sawdust Toilet

What components should be added in your compost depends upon the type of compost toilet you have installed. For example, if you are using a 5 gallon sawdust toilet, then this means that you will need to empty the bucket more often.

Because both wastes are going in the same bucket, it will fill more quickly. Urine and solid waste when mix together will create more odors. If you are using a more high tech sawdust compost toilet which has separate containers for liquid and solid wastes, then it will be easier for you. Waste for the compost needs to be moderate in every aspect, not very hot or very cold, not very solid or very watery.

How to install sawdust toilet?

The installation procedure of a sawdust composting toilet depends upon the type of sawdust toilet you are using. For example, installation of a DIY sawdust toilet is the easiest one. While others with a divergent for urine, need to e installed by a professional. Therefore, its installation is complex.

How to Eliminate Smell from Your Sawdust Toilet?

Smell from a sawdust composting toilet is a sign that something is wrong with the procedure with which you are operating your toilet. Sell could be due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is you do not clean up the pile of waste more often or when needed. Another reason could be that your waste is more than the amount of sawdust you are using in your compost toilet. Another reason could be that you have not got the divergent for urine installed in your sawdust compost toilet. The urine when mixed with solid waste creates bad smells and it needs to be emptied quickly.

If you are feeling that your sawdust composting toilet is smelling bad more often, then you can try adding any of the following items to reduce the smell.

  1. Hay
  2. Coffee grinds
  3. Straw
  4. Garden clipping
  5. Animal manure
  6. Peat moss
  7. Weed and leaves etc

How Much Useful are Sawdust Composting Toilets?

A composting toilet poses no problem till you carefully follow the instructions and procedures of using that toilet. You need to clean up the pile of waste more often to keep the toilet in proper condition and let the composting process work properly. You can also add some organic components like peat moss to the pile of your waste to start or boost the decomposition and make better compost.

Is Sawdust Composting Toilet a Good Option?

Everyone have their different opinion when it comes to the option of getting a sawdust composting toilet. Some people prefer it just because they want to save the environment and surroundings. Some people use compost toilets to save water. There are also people who have no option of plumbing water available. Therefore, they are only left with the option of a sawdust compost toilet. Whether sawdust compost toilet is a good option or not, it depends on everyone’s living conditions and requirements.

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