Roofs are among the most expensive and significant aspects of your home. Sometimes, the signs that your roof needs repair remain unnoticed as an homeowner. Every 6th person in the U.S. is a homeowner. People who are part of this group enjoy certain benefits like equity building. But with all these benefits comes certain responsibilities.

Taking care of your roof is one of the best ways to keep your home safe and long-lasting. Well-maintained roofs add value to homes and give you peace of mind. The first thing to do is look for damage.

Signs That You Need Roof Repair ASAP


10 Signs Your Roof Needs Urgent Repair

If your roof is damaged, you may be at risk for structural damage over time. Here are 10 warning signs that your roof needs to be repaired immediately. Each one should be taken seriously.

1. Roof Leaks

Something’s wrong when your roof seems okay, but you see a stain on the ceiling. Roof leaks are the leading cause of blistered and cracked paint. Roof leaks can also stain or chip the exterior paint.  

The roof underlayment lets moisture in if it’s damaged or compromised. It leaves dirty stains on the exterior walls and ceiling. You might see water trails on the walls when water flows down the roof underlayment.

When you find your roof leaking, check the water entry point. You might need a specialist if you can’t figure it out. Roof leaks are easy to fix when you have the right equipment and skills.

2. Missing Shingles

Asphalt shingles are most common. Asphalt roofs last about 20-25 years. After a while, the shingles start showing signs of weathering from exposure to extreme weather. Usually, the shingles start falling off.

Strong winds cause your roof to bald because the shingles are loose. Roof leaks are often caused by missing shingles. It’s normal for a homeowner to forget about the roof because it’s out of sight. Waiting can end up costing a lot of money.

3. Gravel in Your Gutters

Many homeowners have gutter systems on their roofs. Gutter’s primary function is to take water away from building structures. But it can actually do a lot more than that.

Regular gutter cleaning can give you an idea of your roof’s condition. You should be worried if you see a lot of sand or gravel in the gutters. The reason might be strong winds or rain, but gravel can come from weathered shingles too. You should check your roof shingles if you see excess gravel during two consecutive gutter cleanings. You might need a new roof or a repair.  

4. Cracked or Buckling Shingles

As a shingle gets old, it starts to crack, curl, or buckle. Damaged shingles can ruin a house’s curb appeal. Certain parts of the roof will look rougher than others. The damage is a sign of bigger problems like roof leaks.

 From the ground, you can see these signs, but a detailed inspection is needed to decide if it’s time to replace the roof. A roofing specialist should do the inspection.

5. Appearance of Dark Patches

It’s fine with the roof shingles, but some parts of your roof are a lot darker than others. Time to fix it. Dark patches are caused by water retention and moss growth.

Moss requires very few nutrients and constant water. There’s more going on with your roof if you see moss. Call a roofer right away! Moss loosens the shingles and could mean mold is on the way. It’s important to remember that mold can grow in 24 hours. It’s unpleasant and dangerous. 

6. Sagging Roof

Sagging roofs can be caused by a lot of things. Weak and deteriorating roofs can sag under the weight of shingles and gravity. A sagging roof can be caused by improper installation of the roof.

Winter’s coming and you need to be careful. It’s easy for a roof to sag under snow, and it can collapse if left unattended. You need to fix your home roof as soon as you see it sagging.


7. Recent Storm

 Texas roofs are constantly fighting against the heavy rains and storms. Thunderstorms and temperature changes are two of the worst enemies of roofs. Thunderstorms can seriously damage your roof. If you’re roof has been damaged by a recent storm, have it inspected and repaired.  

8. Daylight Through Attic

If it’s sunny, go up in your attic and see if you can see the light. The sun gets in because of the breaks or damages in the roof. The sun is good, but not through your roof!  

9. High Utility Bills

 Whenever you see a sudden spike in your utility bills and you are not able to figure out the reason, check your roof. In many cases, damaged roofs are the source of high utility bills.  

10. Roof Age

 A roof that has any of the above signs could be aging. As soon as a competent roof installer is done, he or she gives you an estimate of how long it should last. If you’ve reaped the benefits of your investment for a long time and your roof has aged gracefully, let it go.  


How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?

The cost of roof repair is far less than roof replacement. The average cost of roof replacement in Texas is $7487, with most people spending in the range of $5,500 to $11,000. ! You want to avoid it but there comes a time when roof repair won’t do!

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  1. Excellent write-up! I completely agree that the roof is very often overlooked by an owner as it’s not something that we can truly look at fully to see if there are any signs of weather damage or water penetration and if you truly need shingles replacement or a complete roof replacement. What we always tell our friends and neighbors and potential clients that at least once a year you should do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground as it is safer. But the best thing to od is to have a roof inspection done by a professional so that you will get a true analysis of the condition of your roof. I’ve been with for a year now and often enough a simple roof inspection done yearly saves the owner thousands of dollars as you are able to catch any issues and fix them sooner rather than when they get costly.
    Costa M.

  2. When you mentioned that some shingles may end up buckling over time and become a sign of more serious damage down the line, I remember seeing something like this at my uncle’s house. That house hasn’t been touched up or renovated in a long time, and if we don’t do something quick, he might be in a lot of trouble. Before the rainy weather picks up again, I’ll look for a residential roof repair service for him so we can stop any potential leaks.

  3. Thanks for the tip that dark patches can be a good indicator that I will need to get residential roof repair services soon. I’m interested in looking for a good roofer soon because I can’t seem to properly troubleshoot my roof using some DIY leak detection techniques. Getting a professional to check on it will probably be a better way to do it.

  4. Thanks for your insight that a roof’s age could affect its overall structure and efficiency. My aunt noticed that her roof is showing signs of damage while tending to her flower bed recently. I think we should consider calling a roofing expert that can sort this issue out before it gets worse.