Toilets are a very important part of any house hold. Any problem either big or small can cause a difficult situation for the entire family and its members. If you have a big family then it could be a more troublesome situation.

Therefore, any signs your toilet is giving you or if you are feeling something wrong with your toilet, you should never ignore those signs. You should take little problems about your toilet seriously to avoid having great troubles.

Toilet gurgling is one of those problems that seem very little in the start but they can create a great mess for you if you leave them unattended.

Toilet Gurgling

It is possible that some of you may not be familiar with the term toilet gurgling. This is a commonly used term by now. There is also a chance that you have faced toilet gurgling issue but you do not know the exact term. Therefore it is important to first define the term toilet gurgling to help you understand the concept further.

If your toilet is making strong gurgling noises or your toilet is bubbling, then this is a clear sign of toilet gurgling issue. The toilet makes loud rumbling noises as if there is some monster inside. This mostly happens when you flush your toilet or sometimes it even happen on its own. The toilet also bubbles and the waste does not flushes away rather it backs up in the toilet. This is a sign of toilet gurgling.

Toilet bubbling or making loud gurgling sounds, this issue is sometimes overlooked by many. This is however a very serious issue and it can lead to bigger problems if not addressed at proper time. It is recommended that toilet gurgling should be taken serious and immediate action should be taken if you want to avoid any hassle and big trouble.

Toilet gurgling indicates that there is a blockage somewhere. The negative air pressure building somewhere in the drain pipe causes an airlock which becomes the reason of reverse suction. This process lets the waste in the drain pipe to come back into the toilet bowl. This could be very disgusting and messy at the same time.

What is the main Causes of Toilet Gurgling

Toilet gurgling is mostly understood by many. Now we will introduce you to some of the reasons of toilet gurgling. This section will help you to identify the causes of toilet gurgle if your toilet is also having the same issue.

Toilet gurgling is mainly caused due to the blockage in two areas. One is known as the drain system that is actually pipe through which all the waste goes out. The drain pipe is connected to the sewer. Second is known as vent pipe. This pipe is built to help the gases and bad smell from sewer to escape. Problem in any one or both of the above pipes can cause your toilet to bubble or gurgle. Now we will look at the major causes why your toilet is bubbling or gurgling. What could be the possible reasons for your toilet to gurgle?

Clogging of Toilet Cause the Gurgling:

Clogging is not a new concept in the world of toilets. Many people who have faced problems regarding their toilets would probably be familiar with the concept of clogging. Clogging can be caused by many different factors.

The one of the most obvious reasons of clogging are flushing foreign objects into your toilet bowl. Wipes and tissue paper is the main culprit. If you have kids in your family, then there could also be a probable reason that if some toy is flushed, it can also cause clogging.

Similarly, less water in the tank can also cause clogging because it does not help to flush away the waste properly and leaving behind particles that cause clogging. Clogging directly affects and drains system and vent pipes. And become a major cause of toilet gurgling.

Hard Water in Toilet Cause the Gurgling:

Hard water is the water containing elements in it like calcium, magnesium or iron etc. Calcium for example, leaves a white or rust colored rim around the water line. This becomes the reason of hard water stains in the toilet bowl.

These white or rust like upsurge of hard water deposits on the portholes of your toilet can become a serious reason of clogging and gurgling of your toilet. This deposit creates a lime scale with the passage of time. The brown ugly spots you see in your toilet bowl are actually the lime scale deposit. These lime scale deposits can contribute hugely in the blockage of your toilet.

The lime scale thus reduces the flushing capacity of a toilet. It reduces the flushing capacity to such extent that the toilet becomes unable to flush away the waste and the particles remain there all the time causing clogging and then lead to gurgling toilet issues.

Clogging of Vent Pipes Cause the Gurgling:

Clogging of vent pipes is also a cause of toilet gurgling. If you have checked your drain system properly and you are unable to find any problem, then you should go for checking the vent pipe. If you are facing bad smell throughout your house then this is a sign of clogged vents.

Clogged vent means that water is not flowing properly through your drain system and your p-traps are becoming dry causing foul odors in your house. Another sign of clogged vent is weak flushing. Weak flushing means that the toilet is unable to flush away the waste properly due to decreased flow of water and the tank also fills up late.

The toilets from American Standard Company are designed in a way that a vent pipe is directed towards the roof of your house. You should check the pipe from top to find any clogging. Sometimes there is some bat or rodent trapped on the outer side of vent pipe.

Sometimes there is some garbage that is clogging the vent pipe. Sometimes there is a bird’s nest at the open end of the vent. All of the above mentioned problems cause the vent pipe to clog. The clogging of vent pipe then leads to toilet gurgling issues.

A defect in the Cistern Cause the Gurgling:

It is very common to have some defect in the toilet cistern. The toilet flapper is inside the cistern. It is more likely to become out of order. Flapper is the thing which is liable to flushing mechanism and refilling of the toilet tank. Any fault in the flapper can directly affect the flushing system and refilling of toilet tank.

If the empty toilet tank does not get filled it also makes gurgling sounds and becomes a reason of gurgling toilet. In many cases either the flapper or the whole cistern needs replacement. If you have a faulty cistern then you cannot handle it. The only way out is to call the plumber. The flapper however could be changed if you have a little knowledge of how to place the flapper properly inside the cistern.

Final Thoughts

The above content is informative enough to help you identify the cause of a gurgling toilet. After identifying the causes, it will become easy for you to fix the issue. The delay in this issue can cause troubles and mess for you and your family as the gurgling toilet will ultimately stop working due to the blockage. It should be fixed on proper time.

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