If you have recently bought a compost toilet or are planning to get one, you will be highly interested to know that what options or ways you have to manage the waste. It is totally ok to think of you the ways that what you can do with the urine from a compost toilet. Whether it is urine or solid waste, there are many options to dispose the waste from a compost toilet. This article will describe the options of what you can do with the urine from compost toilet.

It is important to know that compost toilets are of very different types. Depending upon the type of a compost toilet, their ways to dispose of the urine are also different. Most of the compost toilets let the urine go to a separate chamber so that the liquid and solid wastes do not mix. Compost toilets with exhaust fan setup don’t even need to dispose of the urine. The urine goes to a separate chamber and evaporates into the air.

What actually is Urine?

Before thinking of ways to dispose the urine from your compost toilet, it is important for you to know the nutrient rich factors and properties of human urine. You will be surprised to know that your urine is sterile and contain many beneficial nutrients and chemicals. Therefore, urine from your compost toilet can serve as a great fertilizer for your plants.

Best Ways to Dispose the Urine from Compost Toilet

There are a number of options available that what you can do with the urine from compost toilet.

  1. Just Flush it Away
  2. Fertilizer for Plants
  3. Nitrogen Supply for Your Plants
  4. Add it in Your Compost
  5. Best for Plant Growth

Just Flush it Away

Imagine that you are travelling and you have your compost toilet with you. Now the only option you have is simply drain your urine from compost toilet into some sewer. Else you can drain it off in some public toilet.

Fertilizer for Plants

In most parts of the world, cow compost is used as fertilizers for your plants and garden. But it is a knowledgeable fact to know that human urine has got far more nutrients than the fecal matter. According to a research study, human urine contains 88% nitrogen and 66% phosphorus.

Also note that human urine does not contain any bacteria. Most of the bacterial pathogens are gone into fecal matter. The latest concept implementing in the field of gardening and fertilizers, human urine is collected and then sterilized to remove any bacteria from some kind of infections and then use it for your plants and garden as a fertilizer.

Nitrogen Supply for Your Plants

Notice you plant leaves. If they are becoming pale or yellow day by day this is a clear sign of nitrogen deficiency in your plants. The best source to remove this nitrogen deficiency is your urine!!! You can utilize your urine from the compost toilet to make a plant feed.

Add it in Your Compost

Your urine is rich in nitrogen and nitrogen is very healthy for plants and garden. The compost you make for your garden from saw dust, dry leaves and straw gives you the highest benefits if you mix urine in it. But it is recommended that you should first dilute your urine before adding it to your garden compost. The best method to dilute your urine is very simple. Just add some fresh water in the urine and it becomes diluted.

Best for Plant Growth

Plants need elements like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen in great quantity to increase their growth. Fertilizers made all over the world are rich in these elements. But the good news is that your urine contains all these elements in a great quantity. You can easily collect your urine from the compost toilet in a separate chamber and then make a plant feed out of it. This plant feed made of urine will help in the growth of plants specially fruit and vegetable bearing plants.

Final Words

The above article has given an insight about a number of options available that tells you what you can do with the urine from a compost toilet. You urine proves to be great fertilizer for your plant. It can be an awesome addition to your garden compost. And last but not least, you can simply drain it away!!!

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