Dates are delicious and nutritious fruits enjoyed by millions worldwide. The countries producing the best dates worldwide include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Morocco.  These sweet gems are a delightful treat and a significant source of essential nutrients. While dates are grown in various parts of the world, certain countries have gained recognition for producing the best and most sought-after varieties.

List of 5 Countries that are famous for Dates Production

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the top 5 countries famous for their exceptional date production.

1. Saudi Arabia – The Kingdom of Dates

Saudi Arabia, particularly the Medina region, is often known as the best date in the world. Here, the coveted Ajwa dates, known for their unique texture and rich flavor, are cultivated. The region’s arid climate, fertile soil, and meticulous farming practices contribute to the unmatched quality of Saudi Arabian dates. The country’s commitment to date cultivation and its deep-rooted religious significance among Muslims make Saudi Arabia a prominent player in the global date market.

All varieties of Dates in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Ajwa dates
  2. Safawi
  3. Mabroom
  4. Sagai
  5. Anbara
  6. Khadrawy
  7. Sukkari
  8. Safawi

2. Egypt – The Land of Pharaohs and Dates

Egypt has a long history of date cultivation, originating in antiquity. The country’s diverse climate patterns and rich soil are ideal for date palm growth. Egypt produces various date varieties, including the popular Deglet Noor and Zaghloul, known as some of the best dates globally. Egyptian dates are celebrated for their balanced sweetness and chewy texture, making them a favorite for local consumption and export.

All varieties of Dates in Egypt:

  1. Siwi
  2. Azzawi
  3. Hayany
  4. Zaghloul
  5. Siwi
  6. Frehi

3. Iran – A Date Paradise

Iran ranks among the top date-producing countries globally, with its dates esteemed for their exceptional taste and the best date quality. The country’s vast date palm groves extend across various regions, and varieties like Mazafati and Piarom are highly regarded as some of the top dates in the country. Iran’s commitment to organic and traditional farming practices adds to the allure of its dates, making them a sought-after choice for connoisseurs. These are also included among the most expensive dates in the world.

All varieties of Dates in Iran:

  1. Kabkab
  2. Piyarom
  3. Zahedi
  4. Mazarati

4. Tunisia – A Mediterranean Date Haven

Tunisia, located along the Mediterranean coast, is another prominent player in the world of date production, known for some of its famous dates. The country’s climate, with its warm, sunny days and cool nights, provides an ideal environment for growing succulent dates. Tunisian dates, including Deglet Noor and Medjool varieties, are celebrated for their sweetness and versatility in culinary applications, ranking them among the top dates in the country with numerous benefits.

All varieties of Dates in Tunisia:

  1. Deglet Noor
  2. Medjool
  3. Khouat Alig
  4. Tohizi
  5. Zaghloul
  6. Goundi
  7. Tebib

5. Morocco – A Date Delight in North Africa

Morocco, situated in North Africa, is known for its delectable dates, especially the Medjool variety, considered among the best dates in the world. The country’s fertile oases, nestled amidst arid landscapes, yield some of the finest and plumpest dates in the world. Moroccan dates are celebrated for their size, sweetness, and rich, caramel-like flavor, making them a premium choice for date enthusiasts, and they are undoubtedly some of the top dates you can find.

All varieties of Dates in Morrocco:

  1. Medjool
  2. Deglet Noor
  3. Boufeggous
  4. Zaghloul
  5. Khadrawi
  6. Halawy
  7. Bouskri
  8. Tijib
  9. Bouhi
  10. Jihel


While these five countries are famous for producing some of the best dates in the country and some of the most famous dates globally, it’s essential to note that date cultivation is a global endeavor, with many countries contributing to the rich tapestry of date varieties available. The price of the best dates varies according to their types and the country of production. Each of these countries brings its unique flavor and character to the world of dates, making them a cherished and diverse treat people worldwide love. 


1. Which country produces the best quality dates?

Egypt is ranked #1 among the top five nations that produce the best dates with high quality worldwide.

2. Which nations consume the most dates?

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and China are the nations that consume dates at the highest rates, according to FAOSTAT.

3. Who invented dates and where?

As early as 4000 B.C., dates were first recognized to be grown in the Fertile Crescent, which connected Egypt and Mesopotamia. In tropical and subtropical climates, date palms thrive. They are still a significant crop for Iraq, Iran, Arabia, and the western part of North Africa up to Morocco.

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