The homeowners living in areas with relatively harsh weather conditions look for the most durable roofing options. One of the most reliable roofing systems is the one made of metal. It is not surprising that the residential metal roofing industry has witnessed a boom in the last few decades.

The unique forming methods of today paired with the amazing designs and colors make it the “Cadillac of roofing”.

Metal roofs are a great choice for homes because they’re durable, long lasting and can help with soundproofing. However there is more than one type of metal that may be right for your home – here’s an overview of five common ones!

1. Aluminum Roofing

Let us begin with the most popular metal roofing type, aluminum roofing. The strength and corrosive disability of aluminum roof make it the Dune Buggy of roofing.

Roofs of houses built in coastal areas face harsh weather, high salinity, and high humidity. All these factors make the highly vulnerable to corrosion. Aluminum roofing is a reliable solution as it is resistant to weather conditions in such climatic conditions.

The upfront cost of aluminum roofing is pretty high. Thin metal panels are painted to make house roofs. Consult your local roofer to identify the environmental strains and choose the right designs.

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2. Copper Roofing

The bronze-colored copper metal is mostly used for decorative purposes. It is a soft metal that can be easily molded in any design or shape you want. Homeowners find it a reliable choice as it makes little to no noise when it is raining.

 Copper is highly durable as it is inflammable and rust-resistant. You don’t have to worry about rusted roofs. As it can thrive in harsh weather and fires, it lasts longer than a lifetime.

3. Steel Roofing

Most of the commercial construction sites have steel roofing. Steel is an alloy of iron known for its incredible durability and rust-resistant properties.

Metal roofs are generally made from recycled material but when it comes to steel, it is entirely made up of recycled content. If you want to minimize your carbon footprint and enjoy sturdy metal roofs, steel is your go-to option.

Another amazing benefit of steel roofing is that it is the least expensive of metal roofs. Whatever your home design may be, the steel roof blends well.

 You may listen the term “Galvanized steel” instead of steel roofing. It is not very different but steel covered with zinc. The metal coating minimizes the corrosion and extends the lifespan of steel roofing systems.

4. Zinc Roofing

Zinc is known for its malleability or ability to be molded into sheets. Thus is it can be easily manipulated into different designs and shapes to make unique roof designs. It is amazing metal as it stays strong for about 100 years with a little maintenance. The patina heals the scratches over time without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

If you have been looking for “greener” roofing options, you can’t find anything better than zinc. One simple reason is its low melting point. Only a quarter of energy is used for its melting and manufacturing as compared to copper or steel. The metal roof cost and chalking effects are two main downsides of the zinc roof.

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5. Tin Roofing

Tin is an incredibly rare type of metal roofing. It was used by DIY enthusiasts in the past. The metal was generally used to build roofs when there were no other roofing materials available. These days’ tin roofs refer to aluminum or galvanized steel roof.

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