Zong, the top telecom provider in Pakistan, is aware of the demand for inexpensive and practical communication options. Zong offers many daily, weekly, and monthly call packages that are affordable to meet the various demands of its clients. We’ll discuss the different Zong daily call packages in this post with their costs, incentives, and how to subscribe to them using activation codes to assist you in making an informed choice for smooth communication. Stay connected to Zong’s voice offers. 


  • Dial the *6464# code for the Zong call package subscription, or you can subscribe to any call package you want using the “Myzong” app.
  • Zong also allows you to make your offer at affordable charges. Dial *3031# or log in to my Zong app to get this.

Zong daily call packages:

Zong provides a daily call plan specifically designed for you, whether you’re a student seeking a cost-effective choice, a professional with high calling demands, or someone who wants to remain in touch with loved ones.

Daily call package Price Incentive How to Subscribe through code
2 hours non-stop offer Rs.14 Unlimited Zong mins + 1GB internet *3000#
Shandaar rozana offer Rs.20 Unlimited Zong min s 800 SMS+ 50MB internet *999#
Daily Voice offer Rs.5 20 zong mins *45#
Daily Kashmir offer Rs.12+tax Unlimited Zong min 1MB internet Send ‘AJK’ to 522
Daily Karachi offer Rs.20 Unlimited Zong min s 125 MB internet *544#
Daily Mehran offer

(only for Sindh)

Rs.30 Unlimited Zong mins+500 SMS+100MB internet Dial *2345# and choose

Zong 3 days max offer:

Zong offers a 3-day call bundle at affordable charges so you can remain in touch with your loved ones.

3-day packages Price Incentives Subscription code
3-day offer 80 Rs/incl. tax 1000 zong mins+ 1GB internet *3433#
Super recharge offer

(DG Khan, Rajanpur, Jampur, Taunsa Sharif)

Rs.50 1.5GB internet+300 on-net+25 off-net mins+700 SMS *3454#

Zong Weekly call package:

Zong weekly call packages with unbeatable charges are:

Weekly call Package  Price Incentives How to Subscribe
Weekly HLO Rs.350 5000 zong mins+ 100 off-net mins+ 5000 SMS+ 12GB internet *6464*2*2#
Weekly PRO Rs.440 250 off-net+5000 on-net mins+40GB internet+5000 SMS *794#
Shandaar haftawar offer  Rs.165 with 0.15 call setup charges 500 on-net mins+500 SMS+40 off-net mins+500MB internet *7#
Weekly call Rs.100 2000 on-net mins+ 30 off-net mins + *4141#
Weekly social offer Rs.120 500 on-net mins+ 20 off-net mins+200 SMS + 5GB internet( FB, WhatsApp,IMO) *6688#
Weekly PRO Plus Rs.460 60GB internet+600 off-net mins+6000 on-net mins+6000 SMS *7373#
Weekly premium Rs.420 30GB internet unlimited on-net mins at 180 off-net mins+unlimited SMS *225#
Super weekly plus Rs.310 8GB internet+60 off-net mins+ unlimited Zong mins+unlimited SMS 64643*1#
Weekly AIO Rs.250 4GB internet+60 off-net mins+5000 on-net mins+5000 SMS *707#
Khushab plus offer Rs.180 50 off-net mins+2000 on-net mins+2000 SMS+ 8GB internet *7766#
CHISHTIAN PLUS Rs.180 8GB internet+80 off-net mins+2000 on-net mins+2000SMS *4466#
Weekly Mehran


Rs.170 1GB internet Unlimited zong mins+1000/Day SMS *2345# and choose offer
Karachi offer Rs.280 10GB(5GB+5GB 1AM-9AM) internet+5000 zong mins+100 off-net+5000 SMS *54#
Weekly bachat offer

(for Punjab only)

Rs.99+tax 2GB internet+30 off-net mins+500 on-net mins *4444#
Haftwaar punjab offer Rs.170 3GB internet+ 100 off-net mins+ 1000 on-net mins +1000 SMS *476#
Lahore super offer Rs.150 5GB internet+40 off-net mins+1000 on-net min 1000 SMS *4466#
Jhang plus offer Rs.180 8GB internet+60 off-net mins+2000 on-net mins+2000 SMS *4466#
AJK offer Rs.195 5GB internet+75 off-net mins+ unlimited zong mins+unlimited SMS *2255#

Zong monthly call packages:

Zong offers you a variety of packages so you can stay connected for a whole month. Zong monthly call packages with unlimited on-net minutes and off-net minutes are mentioned below:

Monthly call package Price Incentives Activation Code
Monthly digital max offer Rs.1400 100GB internet+1000 off-net mins+10000 on-net mins+10000 SMS *7333#
Monthly super card Rs.800 12GB internet+250 off-net mins+unlimited zong mins+ unlimited SMS *6464*2*3#
Monthly pro plus Rs.1400 60GB internet+600 off-net mins+10000 zong mins+10000 SMS *7088#
Monthly Pro Rs.1300 40GB internet+600 off-net mins+10000 zong mins+10000 SMS *1500#
Monthly supreme Rs.999 20GB internet+350 off-net mins+5000 on-net mins+5000 SMS *3030#
Monthly super offer Rs.1299 30GB(6GB youtube+4GB WhatsApp) internet+450 off-net mins+5000 on-net mins+5000 SMS *4567#
Superstar offer

(available in some cities)

Rs.575 8GB internet+500 off-net mins+3000 on-net mins+3000 SMS *7070#
Monthly call plus Rs.250 2000 zong mins+100 off-net mins *4143#
Monthly call Rs.200 1000 zong mins *4141#
Mahana voice offer Rs.160 100 zong mins daily *36#
Shandaar Mahana offer Rs.305+tax 100 off-net mins+1000 zong mins+1GB internet+1000 SMS *1000#
Monthly Mehran Rs.540 2GB internet+1000 SMS/day+Unlimited zong mins *2345* and choose offer
Monthly Punjab offer Rs.590 4GB internet+400 off-net mins+3000 on-net mins+3000 SMS *676#


  • Some of the above bundles require re-subscription.
  • Standard call rates will apply for further calls if your Zong call package minutes are used up.
  • Some packages are region-based.

Terms and conditions

The following taxes and fees would be applicable:

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies to every recharge.
  • FED of 19.5% applies on usage ( where applicable).
  • A sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable).


1. How can you determine how many incentives are left in my package?

  You can dial *102# and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. What will be the out-of-bundle rate after consuming free resources within the validity?

Standard rates will apply for calls of Rs2.68 + tax/min, SMS Rs1.80 + tax/SMS, and internet Rs4.00 + tax/MB.

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