Zong stands out as a provider of lightning-fast 4G services. Zong has also established itself as the country’s first operator to complete the 5G trial. Zong has you covered whether you’re a business expert, a movie fan, or a casual user. To satisfy the diverse needs of its customers, Zong provides a wide range of incredibly reasonable daily, weekly, and monthly 3G/4G internet packages. In this article, we’ll discuss the different affordable Zong data packages with their prices, incentives, and subscription codes to help you choose the best offer to stay active socially.

Stay connected to Zong’s data offers.

  • By dialing *6464# or using the “Myzong” app, you can subscribe to any internet service you want.
  • Zong also allows you to create your deal at a low cost. Simply dial  *3031# or log in to my Zong app to obtain this.
  • By dialing *102#, you can check your remaining incentives.

Zong Social Plus Offers:

Zong’s social packages allow consumers to remain connected, stream entertainment, and access information With reasonable prices and impressive data allowances. In social packages, you can enjoy WhatsApp, IMO, Instagram, and Facebook.

Bundle name Price Incentives Subscription code  Validity
Daily social bundle Rs.23 1.5GB

(Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Youtube)

*386# 1 day
1 Hour YouTube offer Rs.2+tax Youtube  *1987# 1 hour
Facebook daily Rs.5 500MB *32# 1 day
Instagram Daily Rs.25 1.5GB data *47# 1 day
Weekly video Rs.169 8GB 


*570# 7 days
Weekly tik tok offer Rs.80 3GB for tiktok *606# 7 days
Weekly social offer Rs.120 5GB Data( FB, WhatsApp, IMO)

+500 zong to zong mins+ 20 all network mins+200 SMS

*6688# 7 days
Monthly social package Rs.300 12GB Data

(FB, WhatsApp, IMO)+ 50 all network +250 zong to zong mins+350 SMS

*6000# 30 days
Monthly super offer Rs.1299 30GB(6GB youtube+4GB WhatsApp) Data +450 all network mins+5000 zong to zong mins+5000 SMS *4567# 30 days
Family bundle Rs.2000 40GB Data(10GB Whatsapp+10GB Facebook)+15000 zong to zong mins+600 all network mins+15000 SMS *505# 30 days
Whatsapp offer Rs.100 5GB for WhatsApp *247# 30 days
Social Mini Rs.150 6GB


*250# 30 days
IMO offer Rs.100 2.5GB for IMO *466# 30 days
Whatsapp Plus Rs.220 5GB

(whatsapp+IMO)+30 all network+200 zong to zong mins+200 SMS

*4000# 30 days
Monthly Instagram offer Rs.575 20GB (Instagram only) *3# 30 days

Zong hybrid bundles:

You can enjoy the fastest 4G internet in Zong bundles with unlimited minutes and SMS. Zong makes it simple for its customers to stay connected globally.

Bundle name Price Incentives Subscription code  Validity
2 hours non-stop offer Rs.14 1GB Data +Unlimited Zong mins  *3000# 1 day
Weekly PRO Rs.440 40GB Data+250 all network+5000 zong to zong mins+5000 SMS *794# 7 days
Weekly HLO Rs.350 12GB Data +5000 zong to zong min s 100 all network mins+ 5000 SMS  *6464*2*2# 7 days
Premium Rs.420 30GB Data unlimited zong to zong mins at 180 all network mins+unlimited SMS *225# 7 days
Digital max offer Rs.1400 100GB Data +1000 all network mins+10000 zong to zong mins+10000 SMS *7333# 30 days
Super weekly plus Rs.310 8GB Data+60 all network mins+ unlimited Zong to Zong mins+unlimited SMS 64643*1# 7 days
Gilgit Baltistan offer Rs.110 4GB Data +1000 zong to zong minutes+1000 SMS+40 all network mins Dial *6464# 7 days
Super weekly plus Rs.400 20GB Data+100 all network mins+5000 zong to zong mins+ 5000 SMS *220# 7 days
Super card Rs.800 12GB Data+250 all network  mins+unlimited zong to zong mins+ unlimited SMS *6464*2*3# 30 days
Monthly pro plus Rs.1400 60GB Data+600 all network mins+10000 zong to zong mins+10000 SMS *7088# 30 days
Monthly Pro Rs.1300 40GB Data+600 all network mins+10000 zong to zong mins+10000 SMS *1500# 30 days
Monthly supreme Rs.999 20GB Data+350 all network mins+5000 zong to zong mins+5000 SMS *3030# 30 days
SIBI Plus  Rs.180 8GB Data+60 all network+ 2000 zong to zong mins+2000 SMS *4466# 7 days
Apna shehr Sialkot Rs.130 5GB Data+40 all networks mins+1000 on-net mins+1000 SMS Dial *4466# and select 7 days

Zong Mega Data offers:

Zong’s focus on delivering high-quality, high-capacity data plans allows subscribers to enjoy flawless streaming, uninterrupted online gaming, and simple multitasking. We have mentioned below Zong’s 3G/4G internet packages with validity. 

Bundle name Price Incentives Subscription code  Validity
Daily Basic Rs.23 100MB internet Dial *6464# and select 1 day
Daily Data Max Rs.49 1GB internet 

(5GB youtube + 5GB data)

Dial *6464# 1 day
Weekly Mega data

(1 AM to 9 AM)

Rs.150 100GB internet *808# 7 days
Monthly 20GB Rs.700 20GB internet

(10GB 1 AM-9 AM)

*6464*3*2# 30 days
Monthly 40GB Rs.1000 40GB internet

(20GB 1 AM-9 AM)

*6464*3*2# 30 days
Monthly 5GB Rs.299 5GB internet *3# 30 days
Google Maps offer Rs.1 FUP 500MB *627# 30 days

Zong 4G Internet Offers for Internet SIM:

Zong’s 4G Internet Offers for Internet SIM have become popular for people looking for constant access. Zong offers a variety of bundles to Internet SIM users. To get these offers, dial *6666# and select an option of your choice. 


Bundle name Price Incentives Subscription code Validity
Monthly 5GB Rs.330 5GB internet Dial *6666# 30 days
Monthly 9GB Rs.785 4GB + 5GB (4AM-4PM) Dial *6666# 30 days
Monthly 27GB Rs.1250 12GB + 15GB (4AM-4PM) Dial *6666# 30 days
Monthly 65GB Rs.2100 65GB internet Dial *6666# 20 days
  • Some of the packages above are automatically renewed.
  • The bundle rate is Rs. 1+Tax/MB & will be charged as per the bundle expiry
  • Internet sim packages will not be applied to ordinary Zong sim.
  • Some of the above bundles can be subscribed again without waiting for expiry.

Terms and conditions

The following taxes and fees apply:

  • Every recharge is subject to a 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT).
  • A 19.5% FED is applied on usage (where applicable).
  • On consumption (where applicable), a 19.5% sales tax (GST) is levied.


1. How can I convert my 3G SIM to 4G?

      You can dial *9664# and follow the instructions.

2. What will be the out-of-bundle rate till expiry?

If a user does not purchase an add-on after the volume of the data bundle has been used, he or she will be charged an out-of-bundle cost of Rs.1/MB until the validity of the bundle, rather than the default rate of Rs.4+Tax/MB.

3. What are the basic add-on charges?

The basic add-on costs $10+tax for 100MB and can be enabled by texting ‘ba’ to 6464.

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