Zong stands out for its dedication to providing a comprehensive choice of SMS packages to meet the demands of its clients. Whether you’re a casual texter, a business professional, or someone wanting to remain in touch without breaking the budget, Zong has the best SMS packages to meet your needs. Zong offers unlimited texting, international messaging, and unique daily, weekly, and monthly bundles. 

  • To subscribe to Zong SMS deals, call *705# or SMS “sub” to 700. You’d get an SMS asking you to pick one of the following packages.
  • You can also activate the Zong packages for calls, internet, and SMS online from the ‘Myzong’ app.

Zong Daily SMS bundles:

Zong SMS packages make it easy and affordable to remain in touch with friends and family, With low prices and various options. Explore Zong’s daily SMS services to get the best bundle for your communication needs.

Daily SMS package Price Incentives Activation code 
Zulu SMS bundle Rs.4+tax 500 SMS Dial *704#
Daily SMS and WhatsApp bundle Rs.7 500 SMS + 30MB WhatsApp Dial *700#
Zong Hello offer Rs.13+tax 150 SMS+ 150 on-net minutes+50MB Data *2200*1#
Zong flutter offer Rs.12+tax 120 SMS+120 Zong minutes, and 50 MB Data *369#
Full Gup bundle Rs.5+tax 100 SMS+ 75 on-net minutes _ 30 MB Data *118*1#
Daily Punjab offer Rs.37 500 SMS+500 on-net minutes+40 off-net+ 150MB Data *376#
Daily Shandaar offer Rs.17+tax 800 SMS+ unlimited on-net minutes+ 50MB Data *999#

Zong Weekly SMS bundles:

Zong’s weekly SMS bundles allow users to stay in touch for seven days. Whether you like to send meaningful messages or fast updates, Zong’s weekly SMS bundles are a convenient way to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Weekly  SMS package Price Incentives Activation code 
Weekly SMS + WhatsApp bundle Rs.32 1300 SMS+200MB WhatsApp *702#
Weekly load offer Rs.350 5000 SMS+5000 zong mins+ 100 all network minutes+ 12GB Data *70#
Zong weekly all-in-one  offer Rs.250 5000 SMS

4GB Data+60 all network minutes+5000 zong to zong minutes

Weekly PRO Rs.440 5000 SMS+250 all network minutes+5000 zong to zong minutes+40GB Data *794#
Premium offer Rs.420 Unlimited SMS

+30GB Data unlimited zong to zong minutes+180 all network minutes


Zong Monthly SMS bundles:

Monthly Zong bundles for SMS are a popular alternative for those looking for a quick and cost-effective method to stay connected. These packages often include many SMS messages that can be used throughout the month, allowing you to send messages to friends and family without worrying about running out of credits.

Monthly   SMS package Price Incentives Activation code 
Monthly SMS + WhatsApp offer Rs.75 500 per day 

30MB per day for WhatsApp

Dial *705# and reply with 4
Monthly PRO Rs.1300 10000 Messages+

40GB Data+600 all network minutes+10000 zong to zong minutes

Supreme offer Rs.999 5000 Messages+20GB Data +350 all network minutes+5000 zong to zong minutes *3030#
Mahana Pattoki offer Rs.330 800 SMS+ 800 zong to zong minutes+ 80 all network minutes+ 8GB Data *4466#
Mahana Supreme Punjab offer Rs.1000 5000 SMS+5000 zong to zong minutes+ 400 all network minute+ 12GB Youtube +10GB Data *4545#

Zong Postpaid SMS bundles:

Zong’s postpaid SMS plans have generous SMS limits to ensure you don’t run out of texts when you need them the most. Zong has you covered whether you want to say hello quickly or have a lengthy chat.

Postpaid  SMS package Price Incentives Activation code 
Monthly Unlimited SMS bundle 90+tax Unlimited SMS Visit official website
Monthly 300 SMS bundle 25+tax 300 SMS Visit official website
Monthly 700 SMS bundle 50+ tax 700 SMS Visit official website
  • Most of the bundles mentioned above are auto-recursive.
  • If your Zong SMS plan has been utilized, you will be charged at standard message rates for further texts.
  • You can contact the helpline “310” or visit the nearest Zong franchise for activation or details of postpaid packages.

Terms and conditions:

Following taxes and charges will be applied

  • Each recharge incurs a 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT).
  • Usage is subject to a 19.5% FED (Federal Excise Duty) where applicable.
  • Where applicable, a 19.5% sales tax (GST – General Sales Tax) is levied on consumption.


1. How can you send free SMS on Zong?

To send a free SMS when you run out of balance, dial *100#, reply with 1 and enter the receiver‘s number. The message will be sent to him. 

2. What is the code to check the remaining Zong free SMS?

To check the remaining messages on Zong, dial *102*2#.

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